Benchtop 4 4/5 Digital multimeter - Max. 50000 Reading, VFD Display Product ID: DMM-8045

DMM-8045 is a high-accuracy benchtop digital multimeter, also known as an industrial instrument capable of measuring DC/AC Voltage, Current, Frequency, Period, Continuity, and Diode. It has internal, manual, and bus trigger modes.


21,000/51,000-count display
Large-screen dual-display VFD with high brightness
True RMS AC voltage and current measurements, bandwidth up to 100kHz
Measurement functions, including DCV/ACV, DCI/ACI, Ohm, frequency/period, diode, Continuity, dBm,dB, etc.
Parameters,such as AC+DC, AC+Hz, Readout+d B ,Readout+dBm ,displayed synchronously
Measurement speed up to 25 meas/sec
DCV accuracy up to 0.02%, resolution up to10µV
Measured value displayed in the form of percentage
Relative mode (REL) to eliminate residual reading
Calibration without opening the case
Limit function (HI/IN/LO) for fast sorting
Equipped RS232C communication interface providing convenient system communication