CA-1000D 1000Amp AC/DC Clamp Adapter

1000Amp AC/DC Clamp Adapter  Transmitter
Features :
☆ 1000A AC or DC Current Clamp
☆ Measure current without disconnecting circuit under test
☆ Measure to 1000A DC or AC
☆ Outputs 1mV per Amp, operates on 2V range of any DMM

DCM-043 AC/DC Current meter with Transmitter

TECPEL DCM-043 a high high resolution AC/DC clamp meter. With the resolution of 1mA and span of 100A, this current clamp transmitter is a great meter for circuit measurement or for car applications.

CA-60 AC/DC mA Current Clamp Transmitter

1. This miniature clamp meter features two Hall effect sensors

2. For use with any multimeter with 200mV or/and 2V ranges for the direct readout input impedance of at least 1M ohm.

3. High conversion factor for low DC and AC mA measurement.

4. With the small jaw size it can fit into a tight space in a circuit panel or wire bundle to take the reading

5. The high-frequency response at 20 kHz is useful for waveform monitoring on an oscilloscope.

6. Zero adjustments is made easy by just pushing the ZERO button.

7. It is best for locating small signals, industrial control, battery leakage, and automotive usage

CA-600 AC/DC Current Transducer /Transmitter

DC Current Range: 0-1000A±(1.5~3.5%+3A)

AC Current Range: 0-1000A±(1.5~3.5%+3A)

Output: 0-1V rms or DC with>=1MΩ input impedance

Transfer Rate: 1mV/1A

Overload Protection: 1200A for 60 seconds maximum.

Jaws Opening Capability: 57mm Conductor, 70 x 18 mm bus bars

Power Requirement: One 9V battery

Dimensions: 9.6"x3.9"x1.6" (244x100x40mm)

Cable length :
The length of the cable is curled wire 2.63 Feet (80 cm ) and extension is able to be 4.3 Feet ( 130 cm ) approx.