DIT-516 Digital High temperature Thermometer 1000 degrees (New version -32C~ 1100 C.) Product ID: DIT-516 New Version

For professionals who need to diagnose heating and ventilation problems, the Tecpel® Infrared Thermometer offers simple, quick, and accurate surface temperature measurement at the trigger of a button . This thermometer is safer than traditional contact thermocouple thermometer.

Designed with single point laser sighting, this rugged, compact and non-contact Tecpel infrared thermometer takes accurate readings in less than a second. It also offers LCD back-light for visibility in the dark, a broad temperature range, and a dual display for both current and maximum measurements to perform preventative checking of electrical motors and equipment, trouble-shooting dangerous oven steam traps, quickly check fuses or circuit breakers for overheating problem without physical contacts. It’s your best choice in price and quality.

 (New version  -32C~ 1100 C.)
High temperature Thermometer 1000 degrees