EMF-701 EMF detector / EMF tester gauss meter Product ID: EMF-701

EMF Field Tester Model :EMF 701
13 mm(0.5""), 3 1/2 digit LCD display
Range in guass:0.1m to 199.9m gauss.
Range in Telsa:0.01 ~ 19.99 micro Tesla
Band width:30Hz to 300Hz
A cost effective, handheld meter provides the user with quick,reliable and easy way to measure electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation levels generated by power lines, cables, computer monitors,TV sets, Video equipment and many other similar devices..
Over range indication Fast sampling rate of 2.5 times per second

    • Measurement Range: 0.1 to 199.9 milligauss ;0.01 to 19.99 micro Tesla
    • Frequency Bandwidth: 30 to 300 Hz
    • Accuracy: +/-(4%+3dgts) at 50/60Hz
    • Number of Axes: Single axis
    • General
    • Power Requirement: 1 piece 9V battery
    • Dimensions: 5.2""x2.8""x1.0"" (131x70x25mm)
    • Weight: 5.8 oz(165g)
    • Accessories: battery and owners manual.
  • The difference of EMF-701 and 701A in Specification
    • EMF-701 0.1 to 199.9 milligauss ( 0.01 to 19.99micro Tesla)
    • EMF-701A 0.1 to 1999m Gauss (0.01micro to 1999.9micro Tesla)