TPS-3303 Triple Output Linear D.C. Power Supply

Output Volts (V) 0~32V
Output Amps (A) 0~3A
Series Volts 0~64V
Parallel Amps 0~6A
Load regulation CV ≤0.05%+2mV
CC ≤20mA
Line regulation CV ≤0.01%+3mV
CC ≤0.5%+3mA
Ripple & Noise CV ≤1mVrmS
CC ≤1mArmS
Tracking Error ≤0.5%+2mV
Volts Display 3 digits LED
Amps Display 3 digits LED
Display Accuracy ≤±(0.5%+2D)
Output Volts (V) 5V
Output Amps (A) 2A
Heat-dissipating::Forced air cooling,Temp.cintrolled fan
Working temp:0~40℃
Protection Shot circuit,Over current,Over heat protection
Power supply: 110/220VAC、50Hz/60Hz

TPS-1305 Linear D.C. Power Supply

Output Volts (V) 0~30V
Output Amps (A) 0~5A
Load regulation CV ≤0.01%+2mV
CC ≤0.1%+3mA
Line regulation CV ≤0.01%+3mV
CC ≤0.2%+3mA
Ripple & Noise CV ≤1mVrmS
CC ≤1mArmS
Volts Display 4 digits LED
Amps Display 4 digits LED
Display Accuracy ≤±(0.5%+2digit)
Heat-dissipating Forced air cooling,
Temp.controlled fan
Working temp. 0~40℃
MTBF ≥3000h
Protection Shot circuit,
Over current,
Over heat protection
Power supply 110/220VAC
Dimensions 25(D)×11(W)×16(H)cm
weight 3kg

SPD-3606 Switching DC Power Supply

The SPD-3606 DC power supply provides 375W output capacity, three isolated outputs with dual-range for CH1 & CH2, highly efficient power conversion, low noise, high reliability, thorough protection ,excellent value, and a compact size.
The SPD-3606 creates a new benchmark to satisfy mainstream power supply demands. CH1 & CH2 offer dual-range output at either 30V/6A or 60V/3A per channel to accommodate a wide range of applications.

The SPD-3606 supports serial and parallel tracking, allowing the CH1 and CH2 to be internally connected in series or parallel to provide flexible output (30V/12A, 60V/6A, or 120V/3A). High power density and high power conversion efficiency let the SPD-3606 consume less energy, making SPD-3606 a greener power supply.
In addition, the high power density makes the SPD-3606 weigh less than half and occupy much less space compared to linear power supplies. To avoid damage caused by improper operation, it also has OVP and OTP. The dual range AC input accepts both 115V and 230V inputs. When the instrument is on, devices can be connected and voltage/current levels can be adjusted safely from the front panel by turning off the output via Output on/off key. The optional voltage/current protection knobs can be used to prevent accidental change of the output levels. These knobs are useful for automated testing at fixed output levels, such as in assembly lines or product inspections.

GPS-2303/3303/4251/4303 Linear DC Power Supply

GPS Multi-Output Series D.C. POWER SUPPLY

GPS Multi-Output Series

1. Quad Independent DC Output
2. Four LED Display with 3 digits, selectable for two sets output voltage and current
display simultaneously
3. Auto Series, Parallel and Tracking Operation
4. Constant Voltage and Constant Current Operation
5. Low Ripple and Noise
6. Overload and Reverse Polarity Protection
7. Selectable for Continuous/Dynamic Load
8. Output Enable/Disable Control
9. Rotation speed of the fan is controlled by heatsink temperature
10.Jack Type Terminal for Europe (Option)

GPS-3030D/ GPS-3030DD Laboratory DC Power Supply


1. Light and Compact Design
2.Remote Control by External Voltage
3. 0.01% High Regulation
4.Internal Select for Continuous or Dynamic Load
5.Low Ripple and Noise
6. Series or Parallel Operation Function Overload and Reverse Polarity Protection

GPC-3030DQ / GPC-3030D Linear D.C. Power Supplies

D.C. POWER SUPPLY( Dual 30V, 3A)

1. Four Digital Panel Meter
2. Triple Output
3. Auto Tracking
4. Auto Series and Parallel Operation
5. Constant Voltage and Constant Current Operation
6. Low Ripple and Noise
7. Internal Select for Continuous or Dynamic Load
8. Overload and Reverse Polarity Protection
9. 1/2 Digits 0.39"" LED Display
10. 5V, 3A Fixed Output

D.C. POWER SUPPLY (Dual 30V, 3A)

1. Triple Output
2. Auto Tracking
3. Auto Series and Parallel Operation
4. Constant Voltage and Constant Current Operation
5. Low Ripple and Noise
6. Internal Select for Continuous or Dynamic Load 
7. Overload and Reverse Polarity Protection
8. 3 1/2 Digits 0.5"" LED Display
9. 5V, 3A Fixed Output

PSW 30-36 _80-13.5 _160-7.2_ 250-4.5 _800-1.44 A Single Output Multirange programmable switching DC Power Supply


Voltage Rating: 30V/80V/160V/250V/800V, Output Power Rating: 360W ~ 1080W
Constant Power Output for Multiple Range (V&I) Operation
CV/CC Priority; Particularly Suitable for the Battery and LED Industry
Adjustable Slew Rate
Series Operation: Up to 2 units (30V, 80V, 160V models only)
Parallel Operation: Up to 3 units
High Efficiency and High Power Density
1/2, 1/3, 1/6 Rack Mount Size Design (EIA/JIS Standard) for 360W/720W/1080W
Standard Interface: LAN,USB,Analog Control Interface
Optional Interface: GPIB-USB Adaptor, RS232-USB Cable
LabView Driver

PPS-3520 GPIB Programmable DC Linear Power Supply

Dual output 35V/ 2A

Model: PPS-3520

1.Standard GPIB Interface
2.Electronic Calibration via Front Panel or GPIB
3.Programmable over voltage and over current protection
4.Low ripple and noise output
5.Voltage controlled external programming capabilities
6.Output enable and disable
7.Remote sensing function
8.Programmable up/down fine tuning
9.Power-off memory

TPT-3025 Linear D.C. Power Supplies

Triple output 30V/2.5A x 2; 5V/3A
Easy operation with up/down keys.
Max output power 165 watts.
Output voltage: 0 to 30V, 0 to -30V
Resolution: 10mV
Max output voltage: +32V/-32V
Dual tracking: 0 to ±30V
Output Current: 0 to +2.5A, 0 to -2.5A
Resolution: 1mA
Fixed 3.3V/5V output voltage at 3A.
Self test and software calibration.
12 Bits D/A converter accuracy.
Simultaneous display of voltage and current outputs.
Automatic cooling system.
Overload warning and status change indication by beeper.
RS232 computer interface.