8 Channel thermocouple thermometer/Data Logger, handheld, Prova Product ID: Prova 830

■ Can work as a Multi-input thermometer or Paperless recorder
■ 5.7” Color TFT LCD (320 x 240) with backlight
■ 8-input temperature measurement/logging (℃/℉)
■ Color graphic display of 8 curves at the same time
■ Display of max and min values for each input
■ Selection of 11 types of thermocouple
■ Easy socket for thermocouple mini connector
■ Basic accuracy 0.1% ± 1 ℃ (K type)
■ Programmable Hi-Lo alarm with timers when out of HI-LO limits
■ Sampling rate 8 inputs / 1 second
■ 28-hour recording with a Lithium battery of 3400mAH
■ Standard 2G SD memory card (stores 3.8-year of data)
■ SD card directly read by PC
■ Easy data file management (Read and Delete functions)
■ Built-in calendar clock
■ Accept analog outputs from instruments
■ Independent input setup (type of thermocouple, Hi-Lo alarm values, name of Engineering Unit)
■ Isolated input protection of 350Vp-p between any two inputs
■ Programmable Engineering Unit (E.U.) to integrate analog output (-60 to 60 mV) from instruments (e.g. Sound level meter, Humidity meter, Current adaptor)
■ Screen hardcopy into bit map files for easy documentation
■ Ready to use package (thermocouples, SD card, and battery)
■ Digital and analog (bar graph) data display
■ Statistics data (Histogram) for easy analysis
■ Easy curves manipulation (hide or display selected curves)