D-177 Waterproof Digital Infrared thermometer with thermocouple probe HACCP Product ID: D-177

Infrared thermometer with a built-in contact thermocouple probe. This dual-sensor thermometer is very useful and requires both non-contact and contact temperature measurement. This model has food-grade HACCP requirements and is designed for foodservice applications.
infrared probe Temperature range -60~350℃ -60~350℃ Operating temperature 0~50℃
Accuracy (measured at 15~35℃
Ambient temperature 25℃) ±0.6℃ Below -5: ±1℃ -5~65:±0.5℃ Above 65:±1%
Accuracy (ambient temperature 23±3℃) -60~0:±(1℃+0.1/degree) 0~65:±1℃ 65~350: ±1.5% of reading
Resolution (-9.9~199.9) 0.2℃ / other range 1℃
Emissivity Default 0.95, can be set from 0.10 to 1.00
Distance: SPOT 8:1 to target ratio
IP rating IP54
Display LCD screen
HACCP Indication Below 4°C/Above 60°C: Green Backlight 4~60℃: Red backlight
Power AAA 1.5V battery X2
Automatic shutdown about 30 seconds
Battery life about 18 hours of typical use
Dimensions 39.5x53.9x158mm
Weight 160 grams (including battery)