ED-25G EMF Field Tester Gauss meter

EMF Field Tester ED-25G

Dual operation mode: RF power meter mode and LF Gauss meter mode
Frequency range: 100MHz - 3GHz (RF meter), 50Hz - 10KHz (Gauss meter)
Super Wide dynamic range: 60dB(RF meter)
High sensitivity: !V55dBm to 0dBm (RF meter), 1mG - 500 mG (Gauss meter)
Peak power density measurement 1.5uW/m2 to 0.58W/m2 (auto scale)
LCD digital Histogram and bar-graphics for RF level and Gauss level display
Analog RF(AM,FM) and High speed digital RF(GSM,TDMA,,CDMA, Wi-Fi,WiMAX)
Both AC Magnetic field and RF Electrical field measurement
Small, compact handheld design, 65mmx130mm
Battery operated (9V DC)
Electromagnetic field strength measurement
both low frequency and high frequency
Mobile phone base station radiation power
Density safety measurement
AC power line, Transformer radiation
RF power measurement for radio transmitters
Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) detection, installations
Spy camera, wireless bug finder
Cellular/cordless phone radiation safety level
Microwave oven leakage detection
Electric and magnetic field measurement
Personal living environment EMF safety

EMF-701 EMF Field Tester /EMF detector /Gauss meter

EMF Field Tester Model :EMF-701
13 mm(0.5""), 3 1/2 digit LCD display
Range in guass:0.1m to 199.9m gauss.
Range in Telsa:0.01 ~ 19.99 micro Tesla
Band width:30Hz to 300Hz
A cost effective, handheld meter provides the user with quick,reliable and easy way to measure electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation levels generated by power lines, cables, computer monitors,TV sets, Video equipment and many other similar devices..
Over range indication Fast sampling rate of 2.5 times per second

EMF-701A EMF Tester (Gauss Meter)

The EMF tester is designed to provide user a quick, reliable and easy way to measure electromagnetic field radiation levels around power lines, home appliances and industrial devices.
The EMF tester is a cost effective, hand-held instrument designed and calibrated to measure electromagnetic field radiation at different bandwidths.
Display micro Tesla & milli Gauss in the same tester.
Data hold, Peak hold function