SDS1202X-E Digital Oscilloscope Bandwidth: 200 MHz , Channels: 2 , Real time sampling rate: 1 GSa/s

Siglent’s SDS1202X-E Digital Oscilloscope breaks yet another performance-to-price barrier! With features not available in most oscilloscopes at twice this price, it offers a higher bandwidth, processing speed, and FFT resolution than other scopes in this class.

The SDS1202X-E oscilloscope employs a new generation of SPO technology that provides excellent signal fidelity and performance. The system noise is also lower than similar products in the industry. It has a minimum vertical input range of 500 uV/div, an innovative digital trigger system with high sensitivity and low jitter, and a waveform capture rate of up to 400,000 frames / second (sequence mode). It also employs a 256-level intensity grading display and a color-temperature mode not found in other oscilloscopes in this class.

Serial bus trigger / decode comes standard.

With a waveform memory of 14 MB, the FFT function contains an impressive 1 MPts.

SDS1104X-E Series Super Phosphor Oscilloscopes

Main Features
100 MHz bandwidth models
4 analog channels, 16 logic/MSO optional on 4 channel only
Real-time sampling rate up to 1 GSa/s
Math co-processor speeds front panel operation
Waveform capture rate up to 100,000 wfm/s (normal mode), and 400,000 wfm/s (sequence mode)
Record length up to 14 Mpts, 1 Mpts FFT
On-screen Bode plot and web-browser control (standard on 4 channels only)
WiFi control (optional on 4 channels only)

GDS-2000A / GDS-2304A / GDS-2302A / GDS-2204A / GDS-2202A / GDS-2104A / GDS-2102A / GDS-2074A / GDS-2072A Digital-storage-oscilloscopes

2GSa/s Real-time Sampling Rate and up to 300MHz Bandwidth
GDS-2000A Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope offers 2 and 4-channel configurations and wide bandwidth selections, including 300MHz, 200MHz, 100MHz and 70MHz. Each model provides 2GSa/s maximum real-time sampling rate and 100GSa/s high-speed equivalent-time sampling rate. Equipped with an 8-inch 800 x 600 high-resolution TFT LCD display, 1mV/div to 10V/div vertical range and 1ns/div to 100s/div time base, the GDS-2000A Series is able to faithfully demonstrate waveforms of complicated and obscure signals.

2Mega Point Record Length, Waveform Search and Segmented Memory Functions
The GDS-2000A Series provides 2Mega point record length, and Waveform Search and Segmented Memory functions as standard features. The events of interest can be captured and saved into the Segmented Memory, which can be divided into 2048 sections, for observation, while the irrelevant waveforms can be ignored. Consequently, the overall efficiency of memory usage can be enhanced. Under Waveform Search mode, after the input signal is triggered, the GDS-2000A Series is able to Search and Mark the waveform sections, which comply with user-defined search condition and threshold level within the whole memory. Meanwhile, with Zoom window and Play/Pause button to scroll through whole displayed waveform, the user can rapidly navigate all the waveforms in an efficient way.

GDS-1072B / GDS-1074B / GDS-1102B / GDS-1104B / GDS-1000B Digital Oscilloscope 50MHz , 70 MHz , 100 MHz

Digital oscilloscopes have entered an epoch-making generation. Innovative design, compact appearance, and abundant functionalities together forge this simple-in-look oscilloscope a very powerful test and measurement instrument which facilitates engineers to easily solve complex measurement issues. This is the latest definition of digital oscilloscope defined by GDS-1000B. The GDS-1000B series demonstrates the impeccable functionalities with an extremely ordinary pricing, which allows customers to realize the true meaning of bigger bang for the buck. Although, the GDS-1000B series is under the category of general purpose oscilloscope, the full functionalities within this simple-in-look oscilloscope, including parameter measurement, cursor indication, digital voltage meter, and data logging, surpasses the same category 1000 series oscilloscopes in the market. All applications of the GDS-1000B series can be applied to the educational field and the fundamental R&D units of the industrial sector.

The GDS-1000B series features three bandwidth selections ─ 100 MHz, 70 MHz, 50MHz and equips with analog signal input terminals by four or two channels ( 50MHz only equipped 4 channels input ). The maximum sampling rate for each single channel is 1GSa/s, and the memory depth is 10Mpts per channel independently. The waveform update rate is 50,000wfms/s, which helps users to precisely observe the detailed waveform variation. Additionally, 7” WVGA color LCD display and the 256 color gradient display function together allow waveforms to be observed with the senses of transparency and gradation. With respect to the horizontal time scale adjustment knob and trigger level adjustment knob, GW Instek provides a very thoughtful design ─the zero key function, which allows engineers to work more effectively.

For mathematical analysis mode, 1Mpts FFT signal display makes the dull frequency domain signal analysis more delicate. Diversified trigger functions, X-Y mode analysis, and Go/NoGo function arm the GDS-1000B series oscilloscope with higher level measurement technologies. The GDS-1000B series oscilloscope also provides OpenWave connection software, which allows users to conduct waveform observation and data storage controlled by remote PC. Moreover, the innovative exterior design and compact design also bring much convenience to users. Other diversified and charming multi-functional operation demonstrates the concept of complete technology integration.


  • Waveform update rate up to 50,000wfms/s

  • 256 color gradient display

  • 10M memory depth per channel independently

  • 1M FFT mathematical sampling analysis mode

  • Zoom In/Play and Pause Function

  • Diversified Trigger Functions

  • X-Y Mode Display

  • Go/NoGo Function

  • Digital Voltage Meter Function

  • Data Log Function

  • Digital Filter Function

  • 36 Measurement Parameter Selections

  • OpenWave Connection Software

OSD-2102 Digital 100MHz Oscilloscope with 40M record length

OSD-2102  Digital Storage oscilloscope



Digital Oscilloscope

  • Super Performance

  •    12-bit high resolution ADC, restoring the waveform detail fully

  •    40M record length, and 75,000 wfms/s waveform refresh rate

  •    low background noise, vertical sensitivity in 1 mV/div - 10 V/div

  •    multi- trigger, and bus decoding function

  •    SCPI, and LabVIEW supported

  • Creative New Look

  •    ultra-thin body-design, less space accommodation

  •    multi-interface integration - USB host, USB device, USB port for PictBridge, LAN, AUX, and more

  •    VGA port - better solution for video expansion, and teaching demonstration

  •   8 inch 800 x 600 high resolution LCD


OSD-1102 Digital 100MHz Oscilloscope Lowcost

Low Cost Type Digital Oscilloscope

- Bandwidth :100MHz
- 2-Channel
- Sample rate : 1GS/s
- Ultra-thin body
- 7 inch high resolution LCD
- SCPI, and LabVIEW supported


OS-3102 100MHz dual channel handheld-Oscilloscope

This 100MHz handheld oscilloscope multimeter is a great tool for industrial troubleshooting, Auto diagnostic and field service applications at affordable price. Make sure your measurements precisely tested by using this rugged, small and light weight tool.

100MHz digital oscilloscope scopemeter 
multimeter handheld oscillsocopes 
USB Flash Disk Storage 
Replaceable li-ion battery 

100MHz Oscilloscope handheld OS-3102 

It can be operated by either battery powered or 8.5V/1500mA DC adapter(Standard Accessoriesl). It has optically sealed USB transfer, and can measure DC V up to 1000V, AC up to 750V, frequency up to 100MHz and etc. 

TECPEL  OS-3102  Handheld Channel DSO with 100 MHz Bandwidth (500 MSa/s)  Digital Multimeter Oscilloscope

OS-2062 60MHz dual Channel Color Digital Storage Oscilloscope

60MHz Handheld Oscilloscope 

This handheld oscilloscope multimeter is a great tool for industrial troubleshooting, Auto diagnostic and field service applications at affordable price. Make sure your measurements precisely tested by using this rugged, small and light weight tool.

It can be operated by either battery powered or 8.5V/1500mA DC adapter(Standard Accessoriesl). It has optically sealed USB transfer, and can measure DC V up to 1000V, AC up to 750V, frequency up to 60MHz and etc.

Key Features:
-2 in 1(DSO+Multimeter)
- Autoscale
- 20 automatic measurements
- Bandwidth: 20MHz-100MHz
- Support USB for data transmission to PC
- Replaceable li-ion battery back up (6 hours)
- USB flash disk storage
- Waveform record & replay
- Dimension: 180mm(L)×115mm(H)×40mm(W)
- Weight: 645g


How to use handheld oscilloscope? Tecpel video demonstration.

OS-1022 Hand-held 20MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope with color LCD dispaly

20MHz Handheld Oscilloscope
2-Channel Lightweight Digital Storage Oscilloscope with Color LCD Display

1. Autoscale
2. 20 Automatic Measurements
3. 3 in 1(DSO+Multimeter+Cymometer)
4. Bandwidth: 20 MHz
5. Support USB for data transmission to PC
6. Replaceable li-ion battery back up (6 hours)
7. USB Flash Disk Storage
8. FFT

How to use handheld oscilloscope? Tecpel Video demonstration. [iframe src="""" frameborder=""0"" width=""560"" height=""315""][/iframe]