BAT-2 Battery tester

BAT-2 battery tester
Very suitable for home / business use
The BAT-2 battery tester shows the amount of charge remaining standard and rechargeable batteries. Color-coded test on the calibration of the proportional analog display
Analogy pointer to quickly identify the area of ""good"" (green), ""low"" (yellow), and ""replace / recharge"" (red) battery status. The BAT-2 can be tested for
Battery types 9V, AA, AAA, C, D, and 1.5V button type battery.

1. BAT-2 test does not require any internal battery.
2. Easy to interpret color-coded display as ""good"", ""low"" and ""Replacing / charge"" indicator
3. Can test standard or rechargeable electric battery types: 9V, AA, AAA, C, D, 1.5V button battery
4. lightweight and convenient, easy to use

CT-581 Cable Tracer (Tone Generator / Amplifier Probe)

Amplifer Probe (CT-581A)
The amplifier probe indentifies and traces wires or cables within a group.

Without damaging the insulation
1. Works with any Tone Generator to indentify wires.
2. Adjustable volume to suit work environment.
3. A plug receptable for headset or hand set.
4. Work with 9V battery and come with soft carrying case

Tone Generator( CT-581G)
1. A great tool for locating and identifying cable pairs or individual conductors.
2. Serves as a continuity and polarity tester
3. A three-colored LED display for test result.

DIM-570 Megohm / Insulation Tester

Megohm/Insulation Meter

Features :
1. Measure insulation resistance up to 2000MΩ
2. 1000V pulse to test insulation
3. 3 1/2 Digit LCD Back light display
4. Auto data hold function after releasing MEAS button
5. Auto power off function
6. Portability and simplicity for one hand operation
7. Valox housing to withstand accidental drops

DIM-571 Digital Insulation Tester

1. DIM-571 is a LCD Indicated instruments for insulation (M Ohm), Continuity (OHM) and AC Voltage
2. Three Insulation test voltage (DCV): 250V, 500V, 1,000V.
3. Large LCD display(68 x 34mm)
4. Test Insulation at rated voltate into 1 1mA load
5. 200mA short circuit continuity current.
6. Timer for test functions (3 ~ 5 minutes)
7. Data Hold function
8. Auto power off function
9. Automatic circuit dischage
10. Fuse proection
11. EN61010 CAT III 600V
12. BS 16"" Edition

DIM-572 Digital Multifunction and Insulation Continuity-Voltage Tester

Digital Multifunction and Insulation Continuity-Voltage tester

DIM-572 Features:
Originally designed unique products have features ranging from insulation resistance testing.
Voltage (AC - DC) measurement with automatic hold fcitlity, continuity test with a short circuit current of minimum 200 mA.
For Insulation Testing, the user can select the test voltage of 250V, 500V AND 1000VDC. It is utilized to accept a selection and to disable the Energy Save feature.
The Ohm Key is a multi-purpose key, you press it to select the Continuity Test, then you use it to Auto-null the test leads and fuse.
There is an automatic voltmeter which is accessed after start up.
The Voltmeter is the default mode of this instrument

Model: DIM-572
Digital Multifunction and Insulation Continuity-Voltage Testes
A new generation of modern digital multifunction testers is born. This tester has a range of new features not even found in expensive advanced test equipments. Not only rugged, but designed to excel in harsh environment, still, remaining low cost and affordable. It can be operated with rechargeable batteries, alkaline or low cost general purpose batteries. This unique product has features ranging from Insulation Resistance Testing, Voltage(ac-dc) measurements with Automatic Hold facility, Continuity Test with a short circuit current of minimum 210mA. Two very unique features are found on this multifunction model DIM-572.

MOV and Gas Arrester Testing

Today, most equipments and electrical installations are protected by MOVS and Gas Arresters, or a combination of these.

This tester can test the devices to establish if it is still operating correctly or not.

Energy conservation is featured on all these new advanced product. “ Auto-power-off” limits the test duration to about 10 seconds to save energy. “Auto-power-off” can be turned off by simply keeping the ON/TEST key depressed for more than 3 seconds while starting a test. This new tester has no moving parts. All calibration are saved internally in a non volatile memory. Calibration can be done at any calibration facility in the world without the need for dedicated calibration equipment. This makes tester easier to maintain and lower the cost of calibration and maintenance. The calibration interval can be extended without much problem. They comply to all the latest regulations, including UK.This tester feature heavy duty protections in its circuitry. Safety features are built-in. For example, should you connect the leads onto a Voltage, AC or DC, the tester will detect it. Switch itself ON and show the voltage present on its leads. The tester will also buzz to inform the user of a safety hazard. We bring a similar solution in the case where the user tries to start a test and measure on a live circuit. If this happen, the tester will disable testing until the circuit has been isolated. This tester can function with rechargeable or Ni-Cad or normal batteries.The circuitry can acept a wide range of power and still perform properly.

DMM-134 Digital multimeter

Palm Size Digital Multimeter is manufactured by the Tecpel Company. It has a -40oC ~ 1832oC of temperature measurement, and the resistance measures up to 200 M 0hm. The voltage measurement of this device ranges at around 10 MW, with a maximum display of 1999. This product also has a standard accessories test lead, battery, and english manual.

Palm Size Digital Multimeter
1. 3 1/2 digits, Max 1,999 counts display
2. 7 Functions, 19 ranges
3. Temperature measurement -40oC ~ 1832oC.
4. Resistance Measurement up to 200M Ohm
5. Continuity Beeper
6. Data Hold Function.

ERT-580 Earth Resistance Tester

ERT-580 Earth Resistance Tester

1. Measures down to 0.01 Ohm.
2. 3 Earth Ranges: 20, 200, 2000 Ohm
3. One test current of 2 mA RMS.
4. Indication if reistance of auxiliary spikes resistance is within range.
5. Two or three-terminal measurement.
6. Three-terminal measurement for earth electrode testing.
7. Large LCD display.
8. Data hold function.
9. Calibration performed with supplied test leads (3 T fully compensated).
10. Meausre eath voltage up to 200V AC.
11. Simple to use and lowe power.
12. Open loop indication with "" 1 "" (MSD) on display and LED Light off.
13. Lightweight, robust and compact design.
14. Low Battery Indication.
15. "" O-Ring"" Sealed case for outdoor usage and better protection.
16. Standard accssories for 3T and 2T.

HV-40 / HVP-40M High Voltage Probe / High Voltage Analog Meter

High Voltage Test Probe
Model:HV-40 Features :
Connect to any digital multimeter with industry
standard jacks to measure up to 40K VDC
or peak AC or 28KV rms AC.
HVP-40M Features:
DC 40KV CAT II Pollution 2
600M Ohm Impedance
25KV ± 2%, 40KV ± 3%
T.C. 200 ppm/°C.
Positive Polarity only.
Resolution 1KV
No Need power.

HVP-40M Analog High Voltage Meter

Analog High Voltage Test Probe test meter
Model: HVP-40M

DC 40KV CAT II Pollution 2
600M Ohm Impedance
25KV ± 2%, 40KV ± 3%
T.C. 200 ppm/°C.
Positive Polarity only.
Resolution 1KV
No Need power.
CE, IEC1010