DTM-318 Digital Dual Channel Thermometer USB data logger Product ID: DTM-318

DTM-317: Single Input + Data Recorder.
DTM-318: Dual Input + Data Recorder.

The universal K-type thermocouple temperature recorder is suitable for various K-type temperature measuring lines/rods. The dual-channel large-capacity recording can record the temperature change curve for a long time.
Company Web Site: http://www.tecpel.com

Type K thermocuple data logger
Model DTM-318
  • -200°C ~ 1,370°C (-328°F ~ 2,498°F )
  • Data Logging capacity 16,000 records.
  • 4 Digit LCD, Triple display.
  • Timer display button.
  • Recording interval set up.
  • Reading hold °C or °F annunciators.
  • Dual K-type thermocouple inputs.
  • MAX, MIN. function.
  • Auto Power off.
  • Hold functions.
  • Automatic low battery indication.
  • High resolution 0.1°C, 0.1°F
  • RS-232 Computer interface.
  • USB cable (Optional)
  • Software program for Windows.