PHS-875 TDS/PH/EC/temperature four-in-one tester

Handheld water quality analyzer
PH-875 is a TDS/PH/EC/temperature four-in-one tester, which can complete all measurements without additional electrode replacement. It has excellent water repellency and applicability for portability. The waterproof rating is IP55. The large screen displays both values ​​at the same time.

Product introduction:
pH-875 has a two-point calibration function. During calibration, you only need to immerse the sensing electrode in the corresponding standard solution and press CAL (calibration key), and the instrument will automatically calibrate the value.
Used in aquariums, aquaculture, soilless culture, swimming pools and hot springs, school laboratories, chemical industry, food or beverage manufacturing, textile printing and dyeing, paper or pulp bleaching, printing, cooling towers, boilers, cleaning or sewage treatment, etc.
Measurement specifications:
pH: 0.00~14.00 pH [±(0.02)]
EC: 0~1999μs/cm, 0~19.99 mS/cm [±(2%F.S)]
TDS: 0~1999ppm, 0~19.99 ppt [±(2%F.S)]
Temperature: 0.0~50.0 °C [±(0.5°C)]
pH resolution: 0.01 pH
EC resolution: 1μs/cm (1999 μs/cm), 10us/cm (
TDS resolution: 1ppm (1999ppm), 10ppm (
Temperature resolution: 0.1 °C
Product Features:
Dual display subtitles
Backlit display
Unit switch: Celsius °C/Fahrenheit °F
Temperature compensation (ATC): 0~50°C
Auto calibration: 6.86 / 4.01
Value lock (HOLD)
Protection level (IP): IP55
Auto Power Off (APO): about 8 minutes
Replace electrode
Product Information:
Working environment: 0~50°C / less than 80%RH (no condensation)
Storage environment: -10~50°C / less than 80%RH (no condensation)
Altitude limit: less than 1,000 meters
Power specification: 1.5V button battery x 3
Product size: 188 × 35 × 35 mm
Weight: Approximately 98 grams (without batteries)
Accessories: Battery x3, pH7 and pH4 standard solution, small flat-head pliers, manual

pH-874 Digital Water Repellent Pen type pH meter

Product introduction
pH-874 has water-repellent protection, large screen display and temperature compensation for improved accuracy and easy reading. The replaceable electrode tip is designed for continuous use.

pH-874 Handheld pH Meter
pH-874 Auto-correction pH meter is a water-repellent PH test pen with excellent water repellent and easy-to-carry applicability. The waterproof rating is IP55, and the large screen displays both temperature and pH.
With two-point calibration function, you only need to immerse the sensing electrode in the corresponding standard solution and press CAL (calibration key), the instrument will start to automatically calibrate the value.
Used in aquariums, aquaculture, soilless cultivation, swimming pools and spas, school laboratories, chemicals, food or beverage manufacturing, textile printing and dyeing, paper or pulp bleaching, printing, cooling towers, boilers, cleaning or sewage treatment, etc.

S2K333 ISFET pH meter, Digital pH meter

The Advanced ISFET sensor technology will make a rugged modular design structure, eliminate the problems of fragile glass electrodes and be free from the care of 2-, or 3-point calibration.
Non-glass, unbreakable advanced ISFET pH-sensors
On-chip temperature sensor
Display pH and temperature
Measure samples as small as one drop
Replaceable reference electrode
Stable readings in seconds, fast response time
Convenient one-point calibration, be free from the care of 2-, or 3-point calibration
Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
Automatic buffer recognition
Over 150 hours of life on one watch battery
Automatic power off
Error messages alert you to incorrect calibration or meter failures

SM-850 Salinity Meter

SM-850 conductivity type salinity meter can measure the salt content in broth or mixed liquid.
Ordinary optical salinometers cannot accurately measure the salt content in the mixed liquid, or when the soup contains fat, it cannot be measured by optical methods.
But through the conductivity method, the salt content in the broth or soup can be accurately measured.

Product ID: SM-850
Micro Processor Base Salinity Meter ( SM-850)
Model SM-850 Features:
_Portability and simplicity one-hand operation
_Dual display Salinity and Temperature
_Automatic Temperature Compensation
_Average calculation, interval measuring,
_Use highly accurate NTC temperature sensor
_Auto power off function
_CE-Mark approval

DO-1610 Disolved Oxygen Meter

This Digital Oxygen Meter is supplied with a polarographic type probe with an incorporated Temp. the sensor which serves for precise Dissolved Oxygen(DO), Oxygen in air(O2), Temp. measurement. Applications for Aquarium, Medical research, Agriculture, Fish hatcheries, Laboratory, Water conditioning, Mining industry, Schools & Colleges, Quality control.

pH-706 pH Meter with temperature

pH meter Model: pH 706 pH/mV/Temp Meter


1. Microprocessor based with splash proof housing.
2. Simultaneous display pH and Temperature.
3. Automatic or manual temperature compensation. deg C/ F switchable
4. Simple to calibrate by one keyboard for 3 points buffer.
5. Calibration value can be adjusted as needed.
6. Indicate percentage of slope (PTS) after calibration.
7. Low battery and consumption indicator.
8. Auto shut off after 10 minutes of non use.
9. Rubber protective holster with magnetic.

pH-708 pH meter

Model : PH-708
* Professional PH/mV METER.
PH range : 0 to 14 PH x 0.01 PH.
mV range : -1999 mV to 1999 mV.
* Used the optional ORP probe to become a professional ORP meter.
*Wide manual temperature compensation adjustment can be operated by push button
on the front panel easily.
* Calibration for pH 7, pH 4 and pH 10 by push button.
* Temperature compensation of pH function can be done by optional ATC (Automatic
​ Temperature Compensation) probe.
* Auto shut off saves battery life.
* Memorize Max./Min. reading with recall.
* Data hold.
* RS232 computer interface.

pH-703 pH Meter

pH meter

pH meter is electronic instrument used to measure the ph of a liquid. There are many ways that can measure pH. But if you need higher pH precision, pH meter is the only way to go.

Typical pH meter consists of a special measuring probe connected to an electronic meter that measures and displays the pH reading.

Our pH meter can be used in various fields, such as pool, aquariums, hydroponics, school laboratories, cooling towers, food processing water testing, sanitation plants , printing, and chemical industries. As customers use our products, we provide accurate, reliable results of pH meter.

There is a tip that can help you use the pH meter correctly. Before use pH meter must be calibrated because each pH electrode is slightly different and its characteristic changes with aging.

Depending on the pH meter type it may either recognize buffer automatically and perform calibration procedure on its own or you will have to calibrate it using knobs and changing buffers when every time you use it. So before buying a pH meter, there are a lot of functions that you should consider.

PE-148 PE-148N PE-149G ORP-148G pH Electrode ORP Electrode

A wide variety of Tecpel pH electrodes in the result of continuing Research and Development in this technology.

The pH sensitive glass membrance of electrodes has extremely low alkaline error and low electrical resistance thus ensuring fas and accurate response. We can supply these electrodes for pH range of 0 14 and for temprature range of 0~ 70°C and 0~ 100 °C.

Electrode are available in Gel, KCl filled versions and are supplied with 1 meter long cable and BNC plug. Longer cable lengths can be supplied at an extra cost. These electrodes can be supplied with almost all makes of int'l and domestic pH meters.

We follow well defined strict quality control measures and each and every electrode is checked individually for its performance and quality by our Q.C. Department.