DTM-3107 Waterproof Thermometer Product ID: DTM-3107

LCD waterproof thermometer with holder and detachable probe

1) on/off, H/T, hi alarm, low alarm
2) on/off, °F/°C, hi alarm, low alarm
3) on/off, H/T, max/mn (°F/°C) memory recalling function, °F/°C



 1.Measurement range:
   -50°C ~ +150°C OR -58°F ~+302°F
   -50°C ~ +300°C OR -58°F ~+572°F

 2.Resolution: 0.1° for -19.9° ~ +199.9°, otherwise 1°
 3.Accuracy : ±1°C in the range of -30°C ~ +150°C
                     ±1.8°F in the range of -22°F ~ +302°F
                     ±1°C in the range of 151°C ~ +250°C, otherwise more than ± 2°C
                     ±1.8°F in the range of 303.8°F ~+482°F, otherwise more than ± 4°f

  4.Ambient temperature for plastic case: -10°C ~ +50°C or +14°F ~+122°F
  5.Battery: 1 x 1.5 volts g13 size or equivalent


  •   One hour auto shut off.
  •   265mm. Stainless steel sensor probe
  •   Max/min (°f/°c) memory recalling function
  •   Temperature unit °f/°c selectable
  •   Data hold/test function selectable
  •   1 sec. Normal temperature sensing time
  •   Low battery indicator
  •   Optional pvc holster
  •   Rubber coated housing

Unpack the thermometer with care.
Unscrew the battery door. Install three ""aaa"" (or equivalent) battery into the battery compartment. Close the battery door.

 Press the ""ON/OFF"" button. All functions will show on the display.
 Press the ""°F/°C"" button to select desired measurement. 
 Press the ""H/T"" button to retain reading for recording. The word ""hold"" will flash onthe display to indicate the holding position.
  Press the ""max / min"" button, the ""min"" sign will be shown. The minimum temperature tested will display. 
Press the button again, ""max"" sign will be shown. The maximum temperature tested will display. It will go back to the testing position automatically after three seconds.

  Temperature alarm setting:
  Press the ""low al"" or ""hi al"" button for setting alarm at desired low and hightemperature. The digit flashes. The display will show -50°C or  -58°F and start to increase up to +150°C or +302°F / +299°C or +572°F.
  Release the ""low al"" or ""hi al"" alarm set button when the desired temperature is approached. Press the ""low al"" button, the ""low"" sign appears on the left bottom corner. Press the ""hi al"" button, the ""high"" sign will be shown. The display value will stop increasing.
  The alarm will sound 4 beeps per minute when the measured temperature equals or is greater than the maximum or less than the minimum set value.
  After releasing the button for approximately 3 seconds the thermometer will return to the normal mode.

  Alarm off:
    To delete the alarm set 1 press ""al off"" or "" F/C"" button.

  Memory setting:
    Press ""h/t"" button to hold the temperature first. The word ""hold"" will flash on the display. Then press ""MEM"" button. ""MEM 1"" will display representing the temperature has been recorded. Repeat the above steps, ""MEM 1 2"" will display meaning there are two datas saved. Continue to press the ""H/T"" and ""MEM"", memory 3 and onwards can be recorded. Totally up to 10 memories can be stored.

  Memory recalling:
    Press ""REC"" button, ""MEM 1"" will display. Continue to press ""REC"" button, the stored memories will be displayed respectively.

  Memory clearing:
    Press ""CLR"" for 5 seconds, all the stored memories can be cleared.

  One hour auto off:
    This thermometer is with one hour auto off function. Press ""on/off"" button and then ""H/T"". The one hour auto off function is cancelled. To reset this function, just turn off the thermometer and press ""ON/OFF"" again.

  Low battery:
    When the battery is low, ""low battery indicator"" is shown.

    To obtain the best results. The probe tip should be immersed at least 10mm. Into the tested substance.
  Remove the battery from the battery compartment if the thermometer will not be used for long duration of time or during storage.
  The thermometer cannot be used or put inside any oven or microwave.