Tecpel offers several kinds of anemometers used for measuring wind speed and direction. It is also known as a common weather instrument to monitor the environment. These include handheld, hot-wire, vane anemometers.


Tecpel calibrators in this page include multiple calibrator, temperature calibrator, sound level calibrator, noise calibrator, process calibrator, 4-20mA calibrator and etc.

Current clamp meters

The digital Clamp Meter is an electrical meter with integral AC current clamp. In order to use it properly, the normal usage is only one conductor passed through the probe. Product includes AC clamp meters, 1500A clamp meter, ac leakage clamp meter, T.RMS clamp meter, high resolution 0.01A clampmeter.

Current clamp transmitters

AC/DC Current Clamp meter, clamp transmitter, multimeter tecpel test and measuring meters for industiral measurement & control. 0-60A, 0-600A, 0-1000A ac/dc current clamp meter.

Data Loggers

TandD Data Loggers are versatile, cost-effective loggers with USB, Ethernet and wireless connectivity for measuring temperature, humidity, voltage, pressure ...

DC Power Supplies

References for purchasing DC power supplies: What you need are: Price, Specifications, Quality, Features, Reliability, DC Power Supply? 1 Professional: 2.Quality: Strict quality assurance system ISO-9000 3.Technology: Perfect after-sales service of DC power supply 4.Safety: All key parts of DC power supply are used in full compliance with international safety standards

Electrical Testers

Introduction: The TECPEL HVP-275 is a high voltage proximity detector. It has eight voltage detection settings from 240Vac to 275kVac. The HVP-275 consists of an internal pickup sensor plate, a sensitivity selector, a visual and a sound annunciator. With the HVP-275, physical contact with electrical conductors is not necessary when testing for live lines.

EMF field Testers

EMF Tester is specially designed to determine the magnitude of electromagnetic field radiation generated by power lines, computer’s monitor, TV Sets, Video Machinery and many other similar AC appliances.

Function Generators

Signal Generator, Arbitrary Function Generators We offers numerous types of signal generator products: from RF signal generator to arbitrary function generators, consists of a series of products with ... RF Signal Generators, Analog Function Generators, DDS Function Generators

Infrared Thermometers

For professionals who need to diagnose heating and ventilation problems, the Tecpel® Infrared Thermometer offers simple, quick, and accurate surface temperature measurement at the trigger of a button . This thermometer is safer than traditional contact thermocouple thermometer, Designed with single point laser sighting, this rugged, compact and non-contact tecpel infrared thermometer takes accurate readings in less than a second. It also offers LCD backlight for visibility in the dark, a broad temperature range, and a dual display for both current and maximum measurements to perform preventative checking of electrical motors and equipment, trouble- shooting dangerous oven steam traps, quickly check fuses or circuit breakers for overheating problem without physical contacts. It's your best choice in price and quality.

LCR Meters/Instruments

Offer 100KHz, 200KHz benchtop, handheld LCR test equipment to measure the inductance (L) , capacitance ( C ) , and resistance (R) electronic components at affordable price.

Light Meters/Datalogger

Tecpel offers low cost handheld Light Meters, Light Meter Datalogger USB recorder, UVA light meter. It can be widely used in lighting, animal husbandry, mining, laboratories, offices, agriculture, meteorology, environmental protection, sports, factories, schools, and so on.


Digital multimeter, benchtop multimeter, handheld digital meters, testers, analog multimeter. The digital multimeter is a popular gear with radio enthusiasts because it has the advantages of accurate measurement for voltage, current, capacitance, ohm resistance value and complete functions for engineers.


Tecpel provides an entire series of oscilloscope solution, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Handheld (Portable) Oscilloscope, Analog Oscilloscope, and Real Time/Digital Storage Oscilloscope. ... Digital Storage Oscilloscopes. at affordable price.

Oscilloscope Probes

Taiwan-made high-voltage differential probe with a maximum bandwidth of 25 MHz(DP-25) , 50 MHz(DP-50) , 100MHz (DP-100) , and an adjustable attenuation ratio, the maximum withstand voltage reaches 6,500 Vp-p (DP-50) ; applicable to other oscilloscope manufacturers .

Digital pH meters

High quality, accurate pH meters,orp meters, electrode. It is applicable to determine pH value of water solution in departments of medical treatment, environment ...and more.

Sound level meter, data logger

Tecpel offers handheld Sound level meter, cheap noise meter, calibrator Acoustical calibrator at 94dB & 114dB output levels for noise level, decibel, professional environment engineering service and applications.

T and D Temperature and Humidity data loggers

From T&D Data Management Solutions Access important temp/humidity data anytime anywhere! T&D offers various types of reliable data loggers and free cloud storage.


Tecpel contact and optical tachometer, An ideal instrument for measurement of rotational speed at rotating surfaces, rolls, wheels... The user can choose the contact measuring mode with direct contact to the surface of the rotating part or the non-contact mode (optical mode).

Temperature Humidity Meters

Complete environmental monitoring and alarm solution for temperature, humidity, thermometer, thermocouples, temperature logging, water proof data logger. Contact us for more details.

Temperature Humidity Transmitters

Tecpel outstanding TRH-300 Series Transmitter is designed for air conditioning and heating systems, and air environments requiring fast, stable and accurate measurements. It utilizes a thin-film polymer capacitor to sense relative humidity, and a thin-film RTD to accurately sense temperature.


Tecpel offers Type K Thermocouple which is a widely used temperature sensor . It is inexpensive, reliable, easy to replace and has a standard interface with a wide temperature range. Welcome special-made order.

Thermometers, Data loggers

Tecpel provides you digital type K thermometers which are most widely used in the filed, because of their convenience. Our thermometers can measure the wide temperature range from -50°C to 1,300°C. by using appropriate thermocuples. Furthermore, with digit LCD display , our thermometers can be more stylish and accurate than others.

Test Leads

Test leads, Accessories for multimeters, clamp meters, oscilloscopes, lcr meters, dc power supplies and more.

Other measuring meters

Other measuring meters EMF Field Tester Gauss meter(ED-25G) Battery tester(BAT-2) Coating Thickness Gauge(TG-900) EMF detector emf tester gauss meter(Tecpel EMF 701) Non Contact Voltage detector(VD-16) EMF Tester (Gauss Meter)(EMF-701A)