AVM-715 Anemometer Product ID: AVM-715

LCD Digital Anemometer AVM-715
ON/OFF, H/T, °F/°C, 10 Memories, Air Velocity Unit, AVG (Multipoint),
Air Flow Vlume Measurement, AVG/MAX/MIN Reading.

Instant Display of the air Velocity and temperature
Maximum , Minimum and average Value Calculation
Easy Air flow Volume calculation (CMF/CMM)
10 Memories Data Storage/Recalling/Clearing
Data HOLD/TEST function
Low Battery Indication
One Hour Auto Shut off function

  • Features

  • Instant display of air velocity, airflow, and temperature
  • Selectable air velocity unit m/s, km/hr, mph, ft/min, or knots
  • Temperature unit °F/°C selectable
  • Maximum, minimum, and average calculation
  • 10 sets of memory data storage/recalling/clearing
  • 1/4 in. 20 UNC threading for tripod mounting
  • Comprehensive kit set with carrying case

  • Specification

    Air Velocity Measurement:
    0.5 to 45.0 m/s (meter per second)
    1.8 to 162.0 km/hr (kilometer per hour)
    1.1 to 100.0 mph (mile per hour)
    98 to 8800 ft/ min (feet per minute)
    1.0 to 88.0 knots (nautical miles per hour)
    Air Velocity Accuracy: ±(0.3+2% reading) for 2 m/s or above
    Air Velocity Resolution: 0.1 for m/s, km/hr, mph, knot 10 for ft/min
    Temperature Measurement Range: 0°C ~ +70°C or 32°F ~ +158°F
    Accuracy: ±0.5°C in the range of 0°C ~ +50°C or ±0.9°F in the range of +32°F ~ +122°F, otherwise more than ±1°C or 1.8°F
    Resolution: 0.1° for whole range except ft/min
    Ambient Temperature for Plastic Case: 0°C ~ +50°C or +32°F ~ +122°F
    Sensor Type: NTC
    Battery: 3 x 1.5 volts "AAA" size or equivalent
    Dimension (mm): Unit: 85 x 175 x 39
    Vane Probe: 76 x 67 x 32
    LCD Size (mm): 54 x 35
    Probe Length (mm): 125
    Available Colour: Grey


    On/Off, Hold/Test, °F/°C, 10 Memories storage, Air velocity unit, Avg multi-point, Airflow volume measurement, Avg/Max/Min reading

AVM-715 Specifications:
Measuring range: -50°C ~ +70°C or –58°F ~ +158°F
Resolution: ± 0.1° full range
Accuracy: ±0.5°C 0°C ~ +50°C or ±0.9°F +32°F ~ +122°F, otherwise ±1°C or 1.8° F
Induction time: 1 second
Batteries: 3 X 1.5 Volt "AAA" size or equivalent
Wind speed measurement:
Measuring range resolution
0.0 to 45.0 m/s (meters per second) 0.1
0.0 to 140.0 km/h (km/h) 0.1
0.0 to 100.0 mph (mph) 0.1
0 to 8800 ft/min (ft/min)10
0.0 to 88.0 knots (nautical miles/hour) 0.1
Accuracy: ±2% of all ranges
Carefully unpack the anemometer.
Open the battery door. Then install three 1.5 volts "AAA" size or equivalent
The battery enters the battery compartment. and close the battery cover.
Replace the battery with a new one when the low battery indicator appears on the screen.
Press "On/Off" to toggle on/off. Full display for a while. upper layer
The display shows the speed (m/s by default) at the VELO logo appears and the lower
The display shows the measured temperature (°F by default).
One hour auto power-off function and cancellation
The product will automatically turn off after one hour.
To disable this feature, turn on the device by pressing "ON/OFF" and "H/T" simultaneously
every time. The product will continue to work until closed by the user.
The unit defaults to ft/min as the unit of measure for airspeed. User can press
This button swaps air velocity units as follows:
feet/minutes > miles/hours > meters/seconds > kilometers/hours > knots.
Press the button to freeze readings for recording (speed and
temperature), the hold symbol appears.
Pressing the device again will revert to live mode.
Press to switch readings between °C and °F to temperature units.
Continue AVG/MAX/MIN readings for moving average measurements (single point)
a) Pressing the unit once will display the continuous moving average measurement
Velocity (AVG), Maximum Measurement (MAX) and Minimum Measurement (MIN) AS
The following:
Average > Max (Temp and Speed) > Min (Temp and Speed) > Real-Time Reading
b) The relevant symbol appears on display and the reading is updated every second.
c) To clear the value, press and hold the button for 3 seconds, 2 beeps will sound continuously
sound is
give up.
Average (multi-point)
a) With the device in place, press the HOLD button to freeze the reading (both
speed and temperature).
b) Then press the "MEM" button to save the reading. (Sounds a beep
every successful save). The MEM 1 display indicates that a reading has been saved.
c) Repeat steps (a) – (b) to save another reading, MEM 12 displays for 2
The reading has been saved.
d) Continue to do this to save up to 10 sets of readings.
e) After saving all measured values, press the "Average (multipoint)" button,
The device will display the average airspeed in memory and the AVG symbol will appear.
MEM (memory call)
a) Press the "MEM" button and all saved readings (temperature and speed) will be
Display, from reading one (i.e. memory 1) to read one (i.e. memory one)
b) Press and hold the "MEM" button for 3 seconds to clear all saved readings.
Air volume measurement
(i) Single point measurement
a) Determine the free area of ​​the air source.
b) Press the "Airflow" button for 3 seconds to define the free area, the display shows
The zone sign and the first digit of 1.111 square feet flash.
c) Press the Hold button to increase the number of flashing digits.
d) Press the "Average (Multipoint)" button to move to the next digit.
e) Press the "Airflow" button, the defined free area is saved and the device is now
Ready to measure airflow (CFM) and the flowing sign appears. Value is reflected in
upper display.
(i) Average value of multi-point measurements
Press and hold the AVG (multipoint) button for 3 seconds to clear the current
Average reading in speed/FPM mode.
a) Repeat sections (a) through (e) (G) to determine all multipoint average readings.
b) Press the "Airflow" button for 3 seconds, and the device enters the free area
c) Repeat steps (a) through (e) in section (II) with the default-free area settings.
d) Press the Airflow button to confirm and enter CFM mode. that unit
Displays average airflow readings and measurement points. Value display
on the upper display.
If the anemometer does not work, remove the battery from the battery compartment
Can be used for extended periods of time or during storage.
Thermometers cannot be used or placed in an oven or microwave.