TRH-3305 Large Digital Temperature and Humidity Display

Visible range up to 20 meters
high accuracy
Display temperature and humidity.
Reliable and stable sensor
Calibration function
External power supply and wall mount

TRH-3351 air quality indicator, CO2, large digital Temperature and humidity monitor

Large Digital Temperature and Humidity Displays
TRH-3351 Multi monitor is a cost-effective, air quality indicator, the large single digit LED display with three most critical parameters of indoor air quality, the current CO2 concentration, the ambient temperature and the relative humidity.

CO2-----CO2 concentration indicates the amount of fresh air ventilation being introduced to a space
Relative humidity----The relative humidity in air indicates the amount of moisture
Ambient temperature----The suitable ambient temperature brings the comfortable space.

TRH-3308A, TRH-3358A Temperature Humidity CO2 meter LED Monitor with Data logger

Large Digital Temperature and Humidity Displays

-Complete environmental monitoring and alarm solution
-Wall-Mounted LED type for easy reading
-Alarm set for CO2 (TRH-3358A) and Temperature and Humidity
-USB Datalogging Capacity 65,000 records
-Real-time data display

TR-31, TR-32 Temperature Logger TR-31/ Temperatue Humidity Logger TR-32

TR-31/32 series has USB interface, featuring elegant appearance and compact construction design
for refrigerator , cold-chain transportation, and container transportation monitoring applications.
TR-31/32 adopts user-friendly USB interface, easy-to-mount brackets with screws.
The OK key can help the user check the Max/Min/Current values and the upper and lower limits.

General Specification for TR-31/TR-32:
1.Recording Interval 2s to 24 hours
2.Recording Capacity 43,000 Readings
3.LCD display Current Temperature, Recording Condition, Battery Life Warning
4.and Unit of Temperature (deg F and deg C)
5.Battery Lithium battery (ER3V M) x 1 (Also availabe with CR2)
6.Battery Life Approximately one years
7.Water Resistance Capacity IP67
8.Dimensions H125mm x W28mm x D22mm
9.Weight 60g (Including battery)
10.Temperature Resistance of Unit -30 to 70 ° C

DTM-20 Hygro Thermometer with Audio Alarm Features

TECPEL is proudly introducing new DTM-20 Hygro Thermometer which is a multi-functional hygrometer with the features of measuring humidity, temperature, dew point and Hi-Low Limit audio alarm function. This unit can be simply put on the desk or mounted on the wall for environment monitor. Optional high precision sensor +/- 2% RH is available for customer's choice (DTM-20RP32)

DTM-301H Large Display Thermometer / Hygrometer

Large Display Thermometer / Hygrometer/ Clock
Model: DTM 301H Features:

2 rows Big Digits LCD Display;
Indoor Temperature,  Humidity, and Clock display at the same time;
Temperature: -10°C to +50 °C(+23°F ~ + 122 °F); with 0.1°C resolution;
Humidity: 20 ~99%, with 1% resolution
°C and °F range selectable at any time.
Maximum and Minimum temperature and humidity memory function;
Daily reset of maximum and minimum records function with internal clock.


DTM-302 Hygro Thermometer

Large Display digital Thermometer / Hygrometer
Hygro thermometer House hold
Temperature Humidity meter

Features :
* indoor temperature display, indoor humidity display
* temperature unit °C/°F changeable
* memory of MAX/MIN value of temperature
*comfort level display
* Power-supply: 1.5V (AAA ) ×1

Temperature range: -10°C~+50°C (+14°F ~ +122°F)
Indoor Humidity range: 20%RH~90%RH
Size of product: 91*85*20mm
Material: ABS
Packaging style: Blister
Packaging material: PVC
DTM-302 :When the humidity exceeds 90%, the value will show Hi,
When the humidity is less than 20%, the value will display Lo.

DTM-303A Hygro Thermometer

Digital Temperature humidity meter
A thermometer measures the temperature of the environment or material that we are operating on. Two means help the thermometer to display the signal. First, the digital sensor in infrared models, and secondly the converter that shows the numbers.

. On/Off, indoor/outdoor temperature measurement,
indoor humidity measurement,
°F/°C, max/min (°F/°C) temperature & humidity memory recalling, comfortable and uncomfortable index, alarm clock with snooze

. Easy to read jumbo display
. Comfortable and uncomfortable index (comfort/warm/cool)
. Temperature unit °F/°C selectable
. Maximum and minimum (°F/°C) temperature and humidity
. Memory recalling
. Alarm/snooze set
. Dual row display
. 3 meters extension wire with sensor
. 2 x 1.5 volt ""AAA"" sized or equivalent batteries

DTM-303B Hygro Thermometer, Temperature and Humidity Meter for incubator

Digital Temperature humidity meter
Jumbo dual display thermohygrometer

indoor/outdoor temperature measurement, °F /°C selectable, max/min (°F /°C) memory recalling, max/min humidity memory recalling, comfortable & uncomfortable index

LCD Screen;
The LCD screen is 10mm(Width) x 30 mm(Hight) digits.
Screen size is 7 cm (width ) x 6 cm (Hight)