TPK-03, TPK-03S Immersion Probes Product ID: TPK-03 / TPK-03S

Type K Thermocouple Probes
TPK-03 Immersion probe / TPK-03S short type immersion probe

Type K (chromel–alumel) is the most common general-purpose thermocouple with a sensitivity of approximately 41 µV/°C.It is inexpensive, and a wide variety of probes are available in its −200 °C to +1350 °C (−330 °F to +2460 °F) range. Type K was specified at a time when metallurgy was less advanced than it is today, and consequently characteristics may vary considerably between samples. One of the constituent metals, nickel, is magnetic; a characteristic of thermocouples made with magnetic material is that they undergo a deviation in output when the material reaches its Curie point, which occurs for type K thermocouples at around 185 °C.

  • TPK-03 Immersion Probe
    • Type K Thermocouple Probes
    • ☆ -50℃ ~ 800℃/-58℉ ~1472℉ General purpose needle
    • type with stainless round head.
    • ☆ For measuring liquid or gel
  • TPK-03S Short Type Immersion Probe
    • Immersion Probe TPK-03S
    • -50℃ ~ 800℃/-58℉ ~1472℉
    • General purpose needle type with stainless point head.
    • measuring internal temperatures of liquids, semi-solids such as oils, rubbers, plastics, power, clays, meats, fruits, frozen foodstuffs.
  • Q & A:
    • As for the needle, is it stainless steel #304 or #316?
    • It is stainless # 316 which is more duarable than # 304.

Model: TPK-03  K type Thermocouple probe 

Pipe :

Material Sheath, K/316,  3.2 ψ, Length 200mm

Temperature durability : -50 ℃ ~ 700 ℃

Instant Temperature durability: -100℃  ~ 900  ℃

Handle material:  Engineer Plastic, 16ψ, Length 130mmCoiled wire cable:  PE material wire  4ψ, Length 600mm,

Temperature durability:  105℃

Temperature range for usage:   -100 ℃ ~ 900 ℃

Accuracy :  Class 0.75