LCR-612 20000 Counts Hand-held LCR Meter Dual Display Auto-Ranging Product ID: LCR-612

The LCR-612 in an LCR meter from Tecpel Co., Ltd.. This 20,000 counts LCR meter has an automatic ranging dual display. For resistance, it has a basic accuracy of 0.5 % while for inductance and capacitance, it has a basic accuracy of 0.7 %. Its dual-display gives rapid tested results read-outs. The dual display consists of an LCR display wiith 19,999 counts and QDR display with 9,999 counts.

    • LCR-612 Display:
    • LCR—4 1/2 digits, maximum reading of 19999.
    • QDR—4 digits, maximum reading of 9999. (Auto range).
    • Parameter Measurement:
    • Ls+(Q,D,Rs), Lp+(Q,D,Rp)
    • Cs+(Q,D,Rs), Cp+(Q,D,Rp)
    • Overload: ""OL"" is display.
    • Test Frequency: 1KHz and 120Hz.
    • Range Mode: Auto and Manual.
    • Auto Power Off:
    • The meter key switch inactive for more than 5 minutes, press power key to resume operation.
    • Measurement rate: Approx. 1 time per second, nominal.
    • Power Requirement: (1). Single standard 9-volt battery.
    • (NEDA 1604, IEC 6F22 006P) ;(2). External DC Adapter 12Vmim to 15Vmax / 50mA.(optional)
    • Overload Protection: 0.1A/250V fast below fuse.
    • Dimensions:192mm(H) x 91mm(W) x 52.5mm(D).
    • Weight: 365g. (including accessories)
  • Q & A.

1. What's test frequency? 1KHz and 120 Hz.

2. What's Test Voltage for all tesing parts?

LCR-612 can provide an AC 500 mV Sinewaveform by itself
and using this sinewave to measure all testing parts.

The frequency of AC 500mV can be for 120 Hz or 1KHz by pushing key pad.


We got a new LCR 612 back on repair and we have some questions about it:

- Customer complains on measuring R:    - On MΩ range (test frequency 1kHz) with open leads, some values are on display. Not with test frequency 120Hz.

When you use Ohm Range at 1KHz,  and insert the test leads, this will cause radom value from   radio  residual signal from air( LIke Cell phone, Wireless Web and etc). If you move test leads from meters, this phenomena will disappear. This will not affect the measurement.
This will not happen, when choosing 120Hz range, because  120Hz frequency is low


   - On MΩ (test frequency 1kHz) range we tested 10MΩ value from calibrator and also from resistance decade and measurement on instrument was around 5MΩ.    Not problem of measuring with 120Hz test frequency. We used standard test leads.

 Because there are huge inductance from Resistance Decade,  and besides LCR612 uses AC 600mV test signal, this will cause big tolerrance, when choosing 1KHz, and 120Hz gets little. If you use resistor, this will not happen.


Outstanding Features:
1.Basic accuracy:
0.5% for Resistance 
0.7% for Inductance, Capacitance

2.Dual Displays provide quick tested results readouts, with L.C.R. Display values up to 19999 counts and Q.D.R. display values up to 9999 counts

3.Excellent resolutions:
Resistance up to 0.001Ω
Inductance Capacitance up to 0.1uH/0.1pF

4.Provided up to 4 testing parameters:
Ls+(Q,D,Rs), Lp+(Q,D,Rp)
Cs+(Q,D,Rs), Cp+(Q,D,Rp)

5. Auto-Power Off function: 
To conserve battery life for longer use.

6.Fuse detection function: 
To inform that the fuse is open or damaged.

7.External DC Adapter functions: 
Use of a DC adapter can also serve to disable Auto Power Off function.