S2K333 ISFET pH meter, Digital pH meter Product ID: S2K333

The Advanced ISFET sensor technology will make a rugged modular design structure, eliminate the problems of fragile glass electrodes and be free from the care of 2-, or 3-point calibration.
Non-glass, unbreakable advanced ISFET pH-sensors
On-chip temperature sensor
Display pH and temperature
Measure samples as small as one drop
Replaceable reference electrode
Stable readings in seconds, fast response time
Convenient one-point calibration, be free from the care of 2-, or 3-point calibration
Automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
Automatic buffer recognition
Over 150 hours of life on one watch battery
Automatic power off
Error messages alert you to incorrect calibration or meter failures

Model name S2K333
pH sensor Silicon chip ISFET
Temperature sensor On-chip temperature sensor
LCD digital display of indicated pH and temperature
Resolution ± 0.01 pH, 1 ° C
Reproducibility ± 0.01 pH, 1 ° C
Measuring range 2.0 to 12.0 pH, 0 to 50 ° C
Operating temperature 5-40 ℃
School regular automatic one point
Function Life waterproof structure, auto power-off function, various self-diagnosis functions, automatic temperature compensation
Power source 3V lithium battery (CR2032)
Cun method 142mm x 28mm x 15mm
Weight 42g
Material ASA resin, PA resin
Accessories Instruction manual (warranty), 2 standard solutions (6.9 / 4.0pH),
Micro sampling kit (wooden spatula pipette dropper disposable type sterilized (25-35 μl 0.25 mL-0.35 mL) x 3)
Consumables Replacement comparison electrode (model number: R2K712) sold separately

Ordering Information:
S2K222  pH 6.9 automatic one point calibration);
S2K333  pH 7.0, pH4.0, pH 10.0 can choose automatic 2-point calibration)
Reference Electrode : R2K712

Reasons to choose the ISFET pH meter "S2K series"
The definitive edition of a simple and micro-measurement pH meter that combines toughness and delicacy
Measurement is possible with a very small amount of sample in μL units! No waste of expensive reagents or trace samples
By optimally designing and arranging the positional relationship between the liquid drop core and the pH sensor, it has become possible to measure pH with a very small amount of sample of 0.05 ml, which is the first in the world.

For example, in the fields of biochemistry such as drug discovery and genetic engineering, it is often necessary to measure pH with a small amount of sample, but with our new "S2K" series, it is easy and quick to measure the pH of a sample solution of several tens of μL. You can do it. Even expensive reagents and trace amounts of sample solutions can be measured with microvolume.

This product includes a "trace sampling kit". Three droppers that make it easy to collect a very small amount of sample, and one wooden spatula that is easy to use when collecting non-liquid materials (such as bean paste). Please try to measure a very small amount with something familiar to you.

* When measuring solids, it is a condition that a certain amount of water is contained.

Further improvement in performance
In developing this new product, we reviewed the characteristics of ISFETs and renewed everything from the design stage.
As a result, overwhelming stability and response speed were created by changing the internal circuit and updating all the programs.

Both ease of use and accuracy
Equipped with an "automatic calibration memory", JIS standard 3-point calibration is no longer required (the world's first).
In fact, 2-point or 3-point calibration is more prone to error than 1-point calibration. This is not surprising, it is a common measurement human error problem. In other words, the number of operation processes increases = the error increases like a snowball.
IceFetcom's S2K series is a pH meter that is both easy to use and accurate.

Because it is a non-glass electrode! HACCP compatible
In response to the globalization of food manufacturing and distribution, "mandatory introduction of HACCP" began on June 1, 2020 in Japan. After a one-year grace period, from June 2021, all food-related businesses will be required to "fully make HACCP mandatory." Glass is a "harm (physical)" and should be broken to minimize the possibility of contamination. With IceFetcom's S2K series (ISFET pH meter), which does not use glass electrodes, you can use it with confidence.

Easy to handle and maintain
It can be stored at room temperature and in a dry state, and it is easy to carry because it is small and lightweight. In the case of glass electrodes, it was necessary to store them in an electrode storage solution so that they would not dry out, but that is not necessary.
Maintenance is as easy as cleaning with tap water (household detergent if it is very dirty) after use.

Outstanding cost performance
If the internal fluid of the comparison electrode is low, just replace the replacement electrode R2K712!
It boasts outstanding cost performance compared to the glass electrode model that required replacement of the entire sensor part.

Does not depend on the skill of the measurer
The "S2K series", which is easy to handle and does not require troublesome multi-point calibration, can be easily and immediately started by anyone, from specialists in research institutes to those in charge.