MCR-4-channel, multi-channel thermocouple data logger Product ID: MCR-4TC

MCR series loggers are 4-channel battery-operated loggers. The MCR-4TC is a temperature logger equipped with a thermocouple sensor that can measure from -270℃ to 1760℃.
With multi-channel and large internal memory (up to 960,000 readings per unit), the MCR-4TC is perfect for measuring temperature, especially extreme temperature, at various spots for long periods of time. Moreover, by using an SD card and the "Auto Data Export" feature recording can be carried out, even when using short recording intervals, over long extended periods of time.
Note: We do not stock thermocouple sensors; please purchase a compatible sensor.
Auto Data Export to SD Memory Card

Key Features:
Measure and record up to four channels in One logger. By coupling four units together, it is possible to simultaneously record up to 16 channels. This multi-channel battery powered data logger has an SD memory card slot with auto transfer capabilities to ensure your data is not lost when internal memory becomes full. It also comes with a touch panel for easy operation
Common Features

Up to 16 Channels of Simultaneous Recording

It is possible to couple up to four MCR-4V and MCR-4TC loggers together.

Recording Setting Items (Recording Mode, Recording Method, Recording Interval, and Recording Channels), and the timing for Recording Start can all be synchronized. Data can also be downloaded all at once.

Operates on Just Two Batteries It operates on just 2 AAA alkaline batteries.

Batteries can also provide backup power during a shortage.

Auto Data Export to SD Memory Card To prevent data loss upon reaching memory capacity it is possible to automatically export recorded data to an SD memory card. Touch Panel Operation Designed with an easy-to-use touch panel for changing settings and data display. Check Data in Real-Time

General Specifications
Measurement Channels
Temperature 4ch, Thermocouple Type K, J, T, S, R
Measurement Range
-270 to 1760°C
±0.5°C±0.3% reading (Type K, J, T)
±1.5°C±0.3% reading(Type S, R)
LCD Display
Measurements, Battery Level, etc.
Logging Capacity
Recording Method
Instantaneous or Average
Recording Intervals
18 choices from 100 msec to 60 min
Recording Mode
Comm Interfaces
AA Alkaline Battery x 2, AC Adaptor
Operating Environment
Temperature: 0 to 50 °C
Humidity: 90%RH or less ( no condensation )
H:120mm × W:75mm × D:32mm
Waterproof Capacity
Battery Life
Approx. 5 to 60 days
USB Communication Cable (US-15C), Software (CD-ROM), etc.