DTM-3108 Digital Water Proof Pen Type Digital Stem Thermometer Product ID: DTM-3108

Water Proof Pen Type Digital Stem Thermometer
Model: DTM-3108

1. On/Off, H/T,°F/°C Function
2. On/Off, H/T, Max/Min (°F/°C) Memory Recalling Function
3. On/Off, °F/°C, Max/Min (°F/°C) Memory Recalling Function


1.Measurement Range:  
  -50°C ~ +300°C Or -58°F ~ +572°F

2.Resolution : 0.1° For -19.9° ~ +199.9°, Otherwise 1°
3.Accuracy : 
  ±1°C In The Range Of -30°C ~ +150°C
  ±1.8°F In The Range Of -22°F ~ +302°F
  ±1°C In The Range Of 151°C ~ +250°C, Otherwise More Than ± 2°C
  ±1.8°F In The Range Of 303.8°F ~ +482°F, Otherwise More Than ± 4°F

4.Ambient Temperature For Plastic Casing: -10°C ~ +50°C Or +14°F ~ +122°F
5.Battery : 1 X 1.5v ""G13 /A76"" Size Or Equivalent Battery

1.Press The ""On/Off"" Button, The Thermometer Is Ready For Use. 
2.Press The ""°C/°F"" Button To Select Desired Temperature Unit. It Will Change Immediately.
3.Press The ""Hold/Test"" Button To ""Test"" Position For Temperature Measurement Or ""Hold"" Position To Retain Reading For
  Recording.The Word ""Hold"" Will Flash On The Display To Indicate The Holding Position.
4.Press The ""Max / Min"" Button, The Minimum Temperature Tested Will Display. ""Min"" Sign Will Be Shown. Press The Button Again Within
  Three Seconds For The Maximum Temperature Tested. ""Max"" Sign Will Be Shown. It Will Go Back To The Testing Position Automatically
  After Three Seconds.


To Obtain The Best Results, The Probe Tip Should Be Immersed At Least 10mm. Into The Tested Substance. 
Remove The Battery From The Battery Compartment If The Thermometer Will Not Be Used For Long Duration Of Time Or During Storage.
The Thermometer Cannot Be Used Or Put Inside Any Oven Or Microwave.


  • One Hour Auto Shut Off
  • 97mm. Stainless Steel Sensor Probe
  • Max/Min (°F/°C) Memory Recalling
  • Temperature Unit °F/°C Selectable
  • Data Hold/Test Function Selectable
  • 1 Sec. Normal Temperature Sensing Time
  • Protective Plastic Sleeve With Clip For Stainless Steel
  • Low Battery Indicator