Digital Temperature and Humidity Transmitter + data logger Product ID: TR-S500

Digital Temperature and Humidity Data logger

TR-S500 temperature and humidity recorder use an external sensor. It can quickly measure changes in environmental temperature、 humidity and record at the same time. And has a high and low alarm function which can remind users of abnormal environments.

Product Introduction
The TR-S500 temperature and humidity recorder is suitable for measuring temperature and humidity in agriculture, food, medicine, meteorology, electronics, laboratories, clean rooms and other fields. It has 43,000 records and records. And for the function of buzzer alarm, immediately notify the on-site personnel to deal with.
Measurement Specification
Temperature Range :-40 ~ 85 °C
Humidity Range :0 ~ 100 %RH
Temperature Accuracy :±0.5 °C
Humidity Accuracy :±5 %RH
Resolution :0.1°C / 0.1%RH

Product Features
Data Logging :43,000 set
Recording interval :2 Sec. ~24 hours
Measuring Frequency :1~240 Sec.
Backlight Display :
Panel Lock :
MAX. / MIN. :
External Sensor :Extension cable is about 3 meters
Beeper :
Time Display :
Record Number Display :
Product Information
Working Environment :-10~50°C / lower than 90%RH without dew。
Storage Environment :-10~50°C / lower than 70%RH without dew。
Elevation Limitation :Lower than 1,000 meters
Power Supply :9V Battery or Adaptor
Dimension :135 x 128 x 35mm
Weight :Approx. 330g
Accessory :Transmission line, battery, software CD, manual, adaptor