TR-72A, TR-72A-S Wireless temperature humidity data logger

TR-72A, TR-72A-S Wireless Temperature and Humidity Recorder Model: TR-72A, TR-72A-S (longer sensing wire)
TR-72A, TR-72A-S (Long Sensing Cord) Wireless Temperature and Humidity Logger, Access Temperature and Humidity Data Anytime, Anywhere
The ultimate IoT temperature and humidity logger that connects via wireless LAN, Bluetooth and USB!
TR72A TR7 series
Channel Temperature 1ch, Humidity 1ch (external​​)
Range Temperature: 0 to 55°C
Humidity: 10 to 95%RH
Communication: Interface Wireless LAN, USB, Bluetooth 4.2 (Bluetooth Low Energy)
Waterproof: ability without any

TR-71wb,TR-72wb , TR-72wb-S Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Wireless WiFi TandD

T and D TR-71wb TR-72wb TR-72wb-S Wifi Temperature Humidity Datalogger

T&D Corporation is proud to release the new temperature and humidity data logger TR-71wb/72wb. 
The most distinguishing feature of TR-71wb/72wb is its auto upload function which automatically uploads recorded data from the logger to our free cloud service. It enables the viewing of uploaded data on your mobile device or PC anytime, anywhere.
Try our new data loggers and take a step into the new world of cloud storage

Application Examples

  • Performance Testing of Humidity and Heat Control in Housing

  • For Managing Temperature and Humidity in Server Rooms

  • For Temperature and Humidity Management in Hospitals, Museums, and Temperature Controlled Warehouses

  • Management of Temperature and Humidity in Subway and Train Cars
  • TR-51i / TR-52i T&D Thermo Recorder

    Compact Waterproof Type

    The compact design allows the user to place a TR-5i Data Logger almost anywhere without worrying about space. Also, its durable body with waterproof and dustproof capacity makes it possible to be used in harsh environments.
    The TR-51i with an internal temperature sensor offers superior waterproof capacity and moderate response time; it is suitable for use in transportation and storage, as well as, in harsh environments.
    The TR-52i with an external temperature sensor is highly versatile and ideal for use in situations where a quicker response (compared to TR-51i) is required.

    TR-74Ui-S T&D Accumulating Light, Humidity and Temperature Data Logger


    Product Type: TR-74Ui

    The ""TR-74Ui Illuminance UV Recorder"" is a data logger designed to simultaneously measure and record four items: Illuminance, Ultraviolet Light (UV), Temperature and Humidity. In addition to these, the TR-74Ui is also capable of displaying Cumulative Illuminance and Cumulative Amount of Ultraviolet Light in the LCD display. From dim moonlight to the summer sun, Illuminance can be measured within a wide range.
    The product is an all-in-one package that includes the data logger unit, sensors and software. We offer two types of packages with different temperature/humidity sensors depending on your required measurement range and accuracy needs.
    Simply by connecting to a PC via a USB connection and carrying out a few easy steps, the measurement and recording of data can be started.

    Not only can recorded data be easily downloaded to a PC via USB communication, but it can also be collected from data loggers via infrared communication to our T&D Data Collector TR-57DCi (sold separately). The TR-57DCi enables the user to gather and check recorded data on the spot without having to manually gather the data loggers.

    Application Examples
    * In art museums and other exhibit forums to manage illuminosity and help prevent deterioration of exhibits
    * Management during all aspects of plant and food production
    * For use in the development, testing, manufacture and sales of products for cutting UV rays
    * UV reduction management in schools from kindergartens to universities
    * For home and office use in the management or illuminosity and UV rays
    * Design and management of homes and architectural buildings
    * For managing the reduction of UV rays at swimming pools, the ocean, mountains and in parks
    * For management and adjustment of illuminosity for photography and film
    * For management in the production, storage and sales of foodstuffs and beverages
    * For use at supermarkets, convenience stores and drugstores in UV product sales promotion materials

    Moreover, it is possible to gather current readings from the TR-74Ui connected to your computer and view those readings in the computer display.

    TR-71nw / TR-72nw / TR-72nw-S T&D Wired LAN Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

    The New Thermo Recorder: TR-7nw Series

    T&D Corporation is proud to release the temperature and humidity data logger TR-71nw/72nw: a new LAN-based data logger for cloud storage. In addition to the existing wireless LAN model TR-71wf/72wf, we added the wired-LAN model with the same basic features to offer a choice of network connection methods. 

    By using T&D WebStorage Service*1, a cloud service provided by T&D free of charge, it is possible to access stored data from your PC and mobile devices anytime from anywhere. Simply connect the data logger to the Internet with a LAN cable, and it automatically*2 starts uploading recorded data to T&D WebStorage Service, thus providing a remote access solution without the need for manual intervention.

    *1: Internet access via LAN is required to access T&D WebStorage Service
    *2: In the LAN environment where DHCP can be used.

    TR-73U temperature humidity and barometric pressure data logger

    temperature humidity and barometric pressure data logger

     TR-73U has a total of three channels: one temperature, one humidity, and one barometric pressure channel. This compact, lightweight model has been designed with low energy consumption for longer battery life; coupled with its easy-to-use software and USB connection makes this product the foundation of our Thermo Recorder line. 

    The product is an all-in-one package that includes the data logger unit, sensor and software. Simply by connecting to a PC via a USB connection and carrying out a few easy steps, the measurement and recording of data can be started.

    MCR-4-channel, multi-channel thermocouple data logger

    MCR series loggers are 4-channel battery-operated loggers. The MCR-4TC is a temperature logger equipped with a thermocouple sensor that can measure from -270℃ to 1760℃.
    With multi-channel and large internal memory (up to 960,000 readings per unit), the MCR-4TC is perfect for measuring temperature, especially extreme temperature, at various spots for long periods of time. Moreover, by using an SD card and the "Auto Data Export" feature recording can be carried out, even when using short recording intervals, over long extended periods of time.
    Note: We do not stock thermocouple sensors; please purchase a compatible sensor.
    Auto Data Export to SD Memory Card

    Key Features:
    Measure and record up to four channels in One logger. By coupling four units together, it is possible to simultaneously record up to 16 channels. This multi-channel battery powered data logger has an SD memory card slot with auto transfer capabilities to ensure your data is not lost when internal memory becomes full. It also comes with a touch panel for easy operation
    Common Features

    Up to 16 Channels of Simultaneous Recording

    It is possible to couple up to four MCR-4V and MCR-4TC loggers together.

    Recording Setting Items (Recording Mode, Recording Method, Recording Interval, and Recording Channels), and the timing for Recording Start can all be synchronized. Data can also be downloaded all at once.

    Operates on Just Two Batteries It operates on just 2 AAA alkaline batteries.

    Batteries can also provide backup power during a shortage.

    Auto Data Export to SD Memory Card To prevent data loss upon reaching memory capacity it is possible to automatically export recorded data to an SD memory card. Touch Panel Operation Designed with an easy-to-use touch panel for changing settings and data display. Check Data in Real-Time

    General Specifications
    Measurement Channels
    Temperature 4ch, Thermocouple Type K, J, T, S, R
    Measurement Range
    -270 to 1760°C
    ±0.5°C±0.3% reading (Type K, J, T)
    ±1.5°C±0.3% reading(Type S, R)
    LCD Display
    Measurements, Battery Level, etc.
    Logging Capacity
    Recording Method
    Instantaneous or Average
    Recording Intervals
    18 choices from 100 msec to 60 min
    Recording Mode
    Comm Interfaces
    AA Alkaline Battery x 2, AC Adaptor
    Operating Environment
    Temperature: 0 to 50 °C
    Humidity: 90%RH or less ( no condensation )
    H:120mm × W:75mm × D:32mm
    Waterproof Capacity
    Battery Life
    Approx. 5 to 60 days
    USB Communication Cable (US-15C), Software (CD-ROM), etc.

    TR-55i-PT T&D Infrared Temperature Data Logger

    Product Summary:

    TR - 55i - Pt is a temperature data logger compatible with Pt100 / Pt1000 sensor, no matter where you put it in a compact size.
    By connecting an optional 3-wire Pt sensor, it is possible to record a wide range of temperatures from -199 to 600 ° C.
    The recorded data can be transferred to the personal computer via either the optional communication port TR - 50U2 or the data collector TR - 57DCi, and graph display / data analysis is possible.
    If you use the data collector, you can also collect and view data on site without retrieving the data logger.

    TandD TR-55i-PT
    Temperature Measurement Range: -199°C to 600°C
    PT100, PT1000 (3 wire) sensor available as option)
    Logging Capacity: Up to 16,000 Readings
    Low energy consumption for long battery life
    Downloading Data: Communication Interfaces Optical, Infrared
    Warning Monitoring Function
    Compact Waterproof Capacity IP64
    Channels Temperature 1ch

    Because the TR-55i-Pt is capable of measuring a wide range of temperature with high accuracy, it is perfect for recording temperature in research using deep freezers, high temperature testing, and low temperature testing.

    Two ways to download recorded data. By using our Data Collector TR-57DCi, it is possible to download data on site for immediate checking. By connecting our Communication Port TR-50U2 to your PC via a USB cable, you can easily download data by placing the logger face down on the port. Data downloaded to your PC can then be viewed and analyzed with our Windows compatible software “T&D Graph”.

    TR-71U / TR-72U / TR-73U T&D Thermo / Barometric Pressure Recorder

    TR-71U/ TR-72U/ TR-73U

    They may look like toys... but they are not!!
    Use them and find out for yourself...powerful, durable and versatile.For Measuring and Recording Temperature and Humidity

    These handy Thermo Recorders measure and record temperature and humidity. The recorded data is then downloaded to your computer via our exclusive software whereby colorful graphs and tables can be easily created. By making use of two alkaline batteries this low energy using compact lightweight unit can be left alone to record continuously over long periods of time. And with our exclusive circuitry we have created a model that brings you the accuracy of more expensive models at a price you can afford.