DCM-020 Fork Clamp Meter

Digital AC-DC Clamp Meter fork
The new fork-shaped opening for easy measurement
Non-contact voltage measurement NCV

DCM-2600 / DCM-2606 Digital AC DC Current Clamp Meter True RMS

The digital Clamp Meter is an electrical meter with integral AC current clamp. In order to use it properly, the normal usage is only one conductor passed through the probe. With over 20 years’ experiences, our products have been accepted by some well-known international customers. The clamp meter is often equipped with a device plugged in between the power outlet and the device to be tested.

DCM-2605 / DCM-2608 Digital Clamp Meters

The DCM 2605 and DCM 2608 are clamp multimeters manufactured by TECPEL®.

The DCM 2605 operates on various DC and AC voltage ranges and its resistance range is at 200Ω,200KΩ, ±(1.0%+ 3dgts). It runs on a single 9V battery and has an audible indication of less than 30Ω of continuity test. It measures 10.9"x4.0"x1.9" (277x102x49mm) and weighs 18.9 oz/540g. It comes with several accessories such as a battery, soft carrying case, an owners manual and test leads.

The DCM 2608 offers a SC voltage range of 400mV,4V,40V,400V,1000V, ±(0.5%+1dgt) and an AC voltage range of 400mV,4V,40V,400V,750V,±(1.5%+4dgts).

Digital Clamp-on Meters
1000A AC/DC Amp +Frequency


Features :
1. 3 1/2 digit display
2. AC/DC current up to 1000A
3. AC voltage up to 750V
4. DC voltage up to 1000V
5. Resistance up to 200kΩ
6. Frequency up to 40kHz
7. Display hold function
8. Audible continuity test
9. Over range indication
10. Maximum recording mode
11.Confirm to the IEC-1010-1 ,UL 1244/UL3111, CE standard
12. CAT III, AC 750V, DC 1000V
13. Hand guard protection
14. Soft Carrying case
Digital Clamp-on Meter
1500A AC/2000 A DC + Bar Graph


Features :
1. 3  3/4  digit display (4000 Counts)
2. AC current up to 1500A;DC current up to 2000A
3. AC voltage up to 750V;DC voltage up to 1000V
4. Resistance up to 40MΩ
5. Frequency up to 400kHz
6. Capacitance measurement
7. Audible continuity test / Diode test
8. Over range indication
9. Max/Min recording mode
10. Relative mode to read offset values (Zero Ωkey)
11.Peak hold for transient measurement
12.Confirm to the IEC-1010-1 , UL1244/UL3111, CE standard
13. CAT III, AC 750V, DC 1000V
14. Hand guard protection
15. Soft Carrying case.

DCM-032A 1999 Count Clamp Meter

Low Cost Digital Clamp Meter
DC Voltage 200mV~600V 
AC Voltage 2V ~600V 
AC Current 2A ~400A 
Resistance 200 ~20 Ohm 

Special Functions:
Auto Ranging 
Continuity Buzzer 
Max Hold 
Data Hold 
Full Icon Display 
Sleep Mode 
Low Battery Display 
Input Impedance for DC 
Voltage Measurement Around 10M Ohm
Max Display 1999

DCM-033A 3999 Count Clamp Meter + AC Frequency Measure

Digital clamp meter Model DCM-033A
DC Voltage 400mV~ 600V (0.8%+1)
AC Voltage 4V ~ 600V (1%+5)
DC Current 40A/400A (2%+3)
AC Current 40A/400A (2.5%+5)
Resistance 400 ~40M Ohm (1%+2) 

Temperature measurement:
-40~0'C±(8%+5), 0~400'C±(2.5%+3), 400~1000'C±(3.0%+3)

Duty Cycle
Special Functions
Auto Ranging
Continuity Buzzer
Data Hold
Full Icon Display
Sleep Mode
Low Battery Display
Input Impedance for
DC Voltage Measurement
Around 10M Ohm
Max. Display 3999

DCM-036A Digital Clamp Meter

The TECPEL DCM-036A is compact and light weight designed AC Clamp Meter provides you the ability to work easily in narrow places, and makes it convenient to keep track of your measurements for further analysis. The range button can be easily switched between manual and auto ranging. Auto-power-off maximizes its battery life. Its small size just fits in your hand. I. It also measures  AC Amps, AC Volts, DC Volts, resistance, continuity, and diode check. This meter is CATIII 600 rated.
3999 counts digital display
Auto Ranging
Auto power off feature
Overload protection
Conductor Jaw opening capability : 30 mm
Safety Input Jacks
Safety Test Leads
Safety regulation: IEC/EN61010-1, CATIII 600V, IEC/EN61010-2-32, CATIII 300V, CE approved.
Dimensions: 200 mm(H) x 65 mm(W) x 39mm(D)
Weight: Approx. 200 g

DCM-039 AC/DC 200A Current Clamp Meter

Accurate DC/AC digital clamp meter for current measurement.
10mA high resolution on 40A DC/AC range.
One touch zero for DCA adjustment.
23 mm diameter jaw.
Large 3 3/4 digits LCD
Fast bargraph display (20 times/sec.) for transient observation.
Continuity and frequency measurements.
Max/Min and Data Hold functions.
600V overload protection for ohm measurement.
Easy single rotary switch for any function selection.
Ideal for works in crowded switch box or cable areas.

DCM-040 AC Leakage Clamp Meter

DCM-040 Features
1. Accurate AC digital clamp meter for leakage current measurement.
2. 10μA high resolution on 40mA range.
3. Shield transformer jaws to minimize the effect of external stray magnetic field.
4. Large jaw with 30 mm diameter.
5. Five Ranges (40mA, 400mA, 4A, 40A, 60A) for all application.
6. A filter circuit is designed to eliminate the effect of high frequency noise and harmonics for AC current measurement.
7. Large 3 3/4 digits LCD
8. Fast bargraph display (20 times/sec.) for transient observation.
9. Continuity and frequency measurements.
10. Max/Min, Data Hold functions, and Relative Measurement.
11. 600V overload protection for ohm measurement.
12. Easy single rotary switch for any function selection.

DCM-043 AC/DC Current Transmitter

TECPEL DCM-043 a high high resolution AC/DC clamp meter. With the resolution of 1mA and span of 100A, this current clamp transmitter is a great meter for circuit measurement or for car applications.