DTM-3106 Water resistant Stem Thermometer Product ID: DTM-3106

LCD Digital Multi-Thermometer Stem thermometer
MODEL : DTM-3106 for food, soup, ice / hot water temperature measurement

This pen-type digital thermometer is characterized for multi-usage with the features of low power consumption, high accuracy, high stability, compact structure, and easy to be used at affordable price.

It is very suitable for measuring the temperature for cold ice/hot water, drink, milk, coffee, food and also BBQ.
Be assured that you've cooked foods to a temperature that's high enough to kill any illness-causing bacteria;Compact structure with a hole hook;With high accuracy and high stability;°F/°C on LCD display;

  • Measurement Range: -50°C~300°C (-58°F~302°F)
  • Accuracy : ±1°C (-30°C~150°C) . Other range is ±2°C
  • Resolition : 01
  • Display Refresh : 1 sec.
  • Reacting Time : Approx. 3 Sec. in the water can reach 90%
  • Working Enviroment : 0~50°C / lower than 80% R.H.
  • Instoreage Enviroment : -10~40°C / lower than 70% R.H.
  • Elevation Limited : Lower than 1,000 meter
  • Power Supply : 1.5 V (G13) battery
  • Sensor : 142 mm


* ""ON/OFF"": Switch on/off power

* temperature unit / selectable

* Data-hold function to freeze measured value

* Temperature Range: -50℃~+300 (-58℉~+572)

* Resolution: 0.1C/F

* Power-supply:  1.5V (AG13) OR L1154  x 1

* Auto power-off after 45 minutes no operation