VD-16 Non Contact Voltage detector Product ID: VD-16

VD-16 Voltage detector

* Convenient AC voltage tester that indicates the presence of AC 5 ~ 1,000V
* The Voltage tester pen can help you find broken, and live wires
* Sensitivity adjustable for non contact detection
* Able to test light sockets and locates the short circuit.
* White LED light
* Power on off switch
* Detecting red lamp alert
* The voltage tester pen is ideal for home.


1.Non Contact type
2.Operating temperature: 0 ~ 40°C
3.Humidity: less than 85% RH 
4.Induced voltage: 5 ~ 1,000 volts (V)
5.Induction Frequency: 50--400 hertz (Hz)
6.Safety norms: CATIV1000V
7.Battery Specifications: 1. 5V fourth battery (AAA) X2 pcs
8.Dimensions: 154X 32 X28 millimeters (mm)
9.Weight: about 50 grams (g) with battery