CA-1000D 1000Amp AC/DC Clamp Adapter Product ID: CA-1000D

1000Amp AC/DC Clamp Adapter  Transmitter
Features :
☆ 1000A AC or DC Current Clamp
☆ Measure current without disconnecting circuit under test
☆ Measure to 1000A DC or AC
☆ Outputs 1mV per Amp, operates on 2V range of any DMM

Specifications :
  • DC Current Range: 0-1000A±(1.5~3.5%+3A)
    AC Current Range: 0-1000A±(1.5~3.5%+3A)
    Output 0-1V rms or DC with>=1MΩ input impedance
    Transfer Rate: 1mV/1A
    Overload Protection 1200A for 60 seconds maximum.
    Jaws Opening Capability: 57mm Conductor, 70 x 18 mm bus bars
    Power Requirement: One 9V battery
    Dimensions: 9.6"x3.9"x1.6" (244x100x40mm)
  • CA-06 Adapter (Option)
    • BNC- Female 4mm Banana post adapter for receiving Signal output from CA-60 and able to be monitored by oscilloscope.