UT278A + Clamp Earth Ground Testers Product ID: UT278A+

A poor grounding system will affect the safety of people and equipment.

What is well-grounded?

The leakage conductive part of the equipment should be well connected to the ground. The grounding resistance should be as small as possible relative to the connection impedance between the device and the ground.
The hook-type grounding resistance meter is a non-contact measurement method, the measurement time is only 1/10 of the traditional method, no traditional auxiliary electrode rods are required, and no wire trimming is required. Measurable resistance: 0.1 – 1200Ω. UT278A clamp-type grounding resistance The meter can also measure leakage current and neutral current in grounded systems. UT270 series clamp earth resistance tester is widely used in earth resistance measurement and loop resistance measurement of electric power, telecommunication, meteorology, oil field, construction, and industrial electrical equipment.


Features of UT278A+ Series Clamp Earth Ground Testers

Certificates: CE, UKCA

● Auto range
● Data hold
● Data recall
● LCD backlight

● Resistance limit alarm

● Low battery indication

● Auto calibration


Specifications Range   UT278A+
Earth Ground Resistance (Ω) 0.01~0.099Ω   ±(1%+0.01)
0.1~0.99Ω   ±(1%+0.01)
1~49.9Ω   ±(1%+0.1)
50~99.5Ω   ±(1.5%+0.5)
100~199Ω   ±(2%+1)
200~395Ω   ±(5%+5)
400~590Ω   ±(10%+10)
600~800Ω   ±(20%+20)
800~1200Ω   ±(25%+30)
Leakage current (A) 0mA~9mA   ±(2.5%+1mA)
10mA~99mA   ±(2.5%+5mA)
100mA~299mA   ±(2.5%+10mA)
0.3A~2.99A   ±(2.5%+0.1A)
3A~9.9A   ±(2.5%+0.3A)
10A~20A   ±(2.5%+0.5A)
Display count   4 digits LCD display
Jaw opening     32mm
Visual and audible alarm    
Auto power off    
Jamming signal recognition    
Over-range display    
Data storage     300
Display type     EBTN
Ω+A display    
General Characteristics
Power 1.5V battery (LR6) x 4
Display 47mm x 28.5mm
Product net weight 1.18kg
Product size UT278A+: 285mm x 85mm x 56mm
Standard accessories Batteries, test ring, English manual
Standard individual packing Gift box, toolbox
Standard quantity per carton 1pcs
Standard carton measurement 370mm x 110mm x 300mm
Standard carton gross weight UT278A+: 2.6kg