Earth Resistance Tester(ERT 580) Product ID: ERT 580

ERT 580 Earth Resistance Tester
1. Measures down to 0.01 Ohm.
2. 3 Earth Ranges: 20, 200, 2000 Ohm
3. One test current of 2 mA RMS.
4. Indication if reistance of auxiliary spikes resistance is within range.
5. Two or three-terminal measurement.
6. Three-terminal measurement for earth electrode testing.
7. Large LCD display.
8. Data hold function.
9. Calibration performed with supplied test leads (3 T fully compensated).
10. Meausre eath voltage up to 200V AC.
11. Simple to use and lowe power.
12. Open loop indication with "" 1 "" (MSD) on display and LED Light off.
13. Lightweight, robust and compact design.
14. Low Battery Indication.
15. "" O-Ring"" Sealed case for outdoor usage and better protection.
16. Standard accssories for 3T and 2T.

Category: Electric Testers
    • The ERT 580 is a “Professional Instrument”. The RUGGED and ORING sealed digital is built with all the protection you need for outdoor use. The ERT 580 is suitable for the testing of single earth electrodes such as lightning conductors and other small earthing systems. The resistance of conductors such as continuity and conductor coupling joints can also be measured. Two-terminal operation measurement, which reduces the accuracy, can also be done by shorting P and C terminals.
    • Earth resistance can be measured directly from 0.01 ohms up to 1999 ohms. The reading is displayed on a large, easy to read digital display.
    • The ERT 580 makes measurements by passing a constant current through the device under test (generally a conductor or low resistance) and measuring the voltage across it. The earth resistance is then calculated by Ohm's Law.
    • It has an advanced circuit design that permits the instrument to operate with the minimum influence from earth voltage and earth resistance of the auxiliary spikes. This superb instrument is powered by 6 x 1.5 volt manganese-alkaline AA batteries. The calibration of the instrument is performed with the included test leads. Therefore, when using the supplied test leads, the accuracy does not suffer of the three-terminal method of measurement for the most common applications.
    • LED If the constant current of the instrument has been reached and stable, the resistance between the electrodes is within range and the reading can be valid.
    • The ERT 580 is supplied complete with an instruction manual.
    • The test frequency of 820Hz has been chosen to avoid stray currents at power frequencies and their harmonics. However, the ERT 580 has a built-in filter to reject unwanted signals. The batteries are constantly being checked while in use. The case is ideal for outdoor work. With the ERT 580 earth electrode testing, which is an important part of electrical installation and maintenance procedure, is made easy. The ERT 580 can be used by the electrical contractor or maintenance engineer to check the effectiveness of their type of earth electrode systems. It may be used to test in accordance with Bs7671, Bs7430, IEC364, NFC15-100, SABS0142, VDE0413, etc.
    • Steps of 0.01 Ohm
    • Earth Resistance Ranges Steps of 0.1 Ohm
    • Steps of 1 Ohm 0-19.99 Ohm
    • 0-199.9 Ohm
    • 0-1999 Ohm
    • Accuracy of earth resistance (of RDG) 1.5%-±2dgt
    • Test Current (reversing DC) (820Hz±5Hz) 2mA
    • AC voltage range (sine 40-60Hz) 0-199.9V
    • Accuracy (% of full scale) 1± 1 dgt
    • Maximum output voltage (E-C) 0-30V
    • Battery (AA pen light) 6
  • ERT 580 High Performance Review:
    • Measures low earth resistance
    • Rejects interferences
    • Measures earth electrodes directly
    • Indicates if resistance of auxiliary spikes in within tolerance.
    • Over voltage protection
    • True constant current source
    • Allows 2 or 3-terminal testing (ext. Short)
    • Rugged and “O-Ring” sealed case
    • 3-terminal measurement accuracy
    • Industrial grade case
    • Color coded test leads
    • Meets CE requirements & IEC 1010
    • LED indicator
    • Crowbars
    • Knob selection or ranges
    • Large digital display
    • 6 x AA battery