Multimeter - Digital Multimeter RS-232 Interface(DMM 129A) Product ID: DMM 129A


A multimeter which is known as a volt, ohm meter or VOM is an electronic measuring instrument that combines several functions in one unit. A multimeter are usually be used in measurements of AC and DC voltage, AC and DC current, and resistance.

Tecpel provides you digital multimeter which are most widely used because of their accuracy, durability and extra features . Our compact, contemporary multimeter are ideal for use in your home, office or DIY applications .

A good multimeter can also be used to troubleshoot electrical problems in a wide array of industrial and household devices. For example, your wiring systems and motor controls are common problems that can be solved easily by multimeter.

Besides, there are some tips that you must pay attention to before using the multimeter. Such as never measure resistance in a circuit when power is applied and never apply more than the rated voltage between any input jack and earth ground.

No matter what your purpose, our multimeter are a quick, simple and effective way of getting information of electronic measuring .The quality multimeter of Tecpel can fit your needs.

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Model:DMM 129A
Features :

3 3/4 digits, 3,999 Count

Auto/Manual range
42 Segment analog bar graph
Data Hold/Max-Min memory
Relative mode
Capacitance measurement
Overload protection
Frequency measurement
Audible continuity check
Diode test
Auto power off
20Amp Range measurement
Double fuse protection (500mA, 20A)
Overlapping rubber holster
Temperature measurement -50'C ~ 1300'C (-58'F ~2372'F).
RS232 interface

Category: Multimeters
  • Model : DMM 129A
    • Specifications :
    • DC Voltage Ranges:
    • 400mV,4V,40V,400V,1000V ± 0.1%
    • AC Voltage Ranges:
    • 400mV,4V,40V,400V,750V ± 1%
    • DC Current Ranges:
    • 400uA,4000 uA, 40mA,400mA, 20A ±1%
    • AC Current Ranges:
    • 400uA,4000 uA, 40mA,400mA, 20A ±1 1.5%
    • Resistance Ranges:
    • 400Ω,4kΩ,40 kΩ,400 kΩ,4MΩ, 40MΩ,± 0.5%
    • Capacitance Range:
    • 4nF,40nF,400nF,4uF,40uF,400uF, 4mF, 40mF ± 3.0 %
    • Frequency Range:
    • 4k,40K,400K,4MHz, 40MHz ± 0.1%
    • Overload protection:
    • 450VDC or AC RMS for DC/AC Voltage,R,diode,continuity
    • *Diode Test * Continuity Test
    • Temperature : -50'C ~ 1300'C (-58'F ~ 2372'F) +/- 0.8% K type thermocouple.
    • MAX/MIN Hold, RS-232,
    • Hz button ACV/DCV, ACA/DCA measurement, push this button to read frequency on display
    • Resolution: 100uV, 0.1uA, 0.1 Ohm, 1P, 1Hz, 1'C, 1'F
    • General
    • Power Requirement:
    • Dual 1.5Volt no.4 battery
    • Dimensions:
    • 1.2""x3.2""x6.9"" (32x82x176mm)
    • Weight:
    • 13.9 oz(395g)
    • Accessories:
    • Test leads, holster, battery, and owners manual
    • Remarks:DC/AC Voltage ranges are limited to 600V for CE. LVD. regulation,
    • but actually DC 1000V & AC 750V are measurable