Hygro Thermometer with Alarm Clock(DTM-303H) Product ID: DTM-303H

Indoor/outdoor hygro-thermometer with alarm clock
. On/off, indoor/outdoor temperature measurement, indoor
humidity measurement, °F/°C, max/min (°F/°C) temperature
& humidity memory recalling, comfortable and
uncomfortable index, alarm clock with snooze

. Easy to read jumbo display
. Comfortable and uncomfortable index (comfort/warm/ cool)
. Temperature unit °F/°C selectable
. Maximum and minimum (°F/°C) temperature and humindity
. Memory recalling
. Alarm/snooze set
. 12/24 hour format
. 3 meters extension wire with sensor
. 2 x 1.5 volt ""aaa"" sized or equivalent batteries

. Measurement Range: -50°c ~ +70°c or -58°f ~ +158°f
20% ~ 100%r.h.
. Accuracy: 1°c or 1.8°f in the range of -20°c ~ +70°c
or -4°f ~ +158°f, otherwise more than 1°c or 1.8°f
3% r.h. in the range of 30 ~ 70%r.h., otherwise 5% r.h.
. Resolution:
0.1° for whole range
0.1%r.h. for whole range

. On/off
. Press once to switch on thermometer and press again to
. Switch off. ""Warm"", comfort"" or ""cool"" sign appears at
appropriate temperature and humidity.
. °F/°C
. Press °F/°C to select desirable temperature unit.
. Max/min
. Press once to recall maximum temperature and humidity
tested. Max sign shows on the display. Press again to
recall minimum temperature and humidity tested. Min sign
shows on the display. Unit restores to real time mode
automatically after 5 seconds.

. Press once to display outdoor measurement. ""Out"" sign
shows on the display. Press again to display indoor
measurement. ""In"" sign shows on the display.

Time set
. Press set for 3 seconds.
. Digit at the lowest display
. Blinks meaning that the clock is in setting mode.
. Press hr and min respectively to adjust desired time.
. Press 12/24 to select time format.
. Press set to return to real time mode.
. Or unit returns to real time mode automatically in 5

Alarm set
. Press al/snz for 3 seconds to alarm set mode. Al sign
. Press hr and min to adjust desired alarm time.
. Press set again after setting and unit returns to real
. Time mode automatically after 3 seconds.

Snooze set
. After setting the alarm, press al/snz to activate the
alarm and snooze function. % and snz sign appears on the
. Unit automatically returns to real time mode in 3 seconds
after setting.
. When the set alarm time reaches, the alarm sign flashes
and alarm will beep for 1 minute.
. Press any key to stop the alarm.
. After the set alarm beeped, snz sign begins to flash.
. After 10 minutes, the snooze function activates and the
. Alarm will beep for 1 minute.
. Snooze function will repeat for an hour.

Low battery indicator
. Replace new battery when the low battery indicator
. Appears on the screen.
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