Infrared Thermometer(DIT-501A Infrared Thermometer) Product ID: DIT-501A Infrared Thermometer

Lowest cost on this earth
NIST traceable
Certificate of Calibration (Option)
IR-SoC technology (Infrared System on Chip) and Batch Calibration technology drive the dimension and cost to the lowest limit.
Emissivity Adjustable
Max; Min and Lock modes
Capable of measuring small object, even a test tube.
Equiped with a mini-stand, can monitor temperature continuosly for hours.

  • DIT-501A Specifications:
    • Characteristic: Measurement temp. range -33~220C
    • Operating temp. range : 32~122F (0~50C)
    • Storage range: -4~149F (-20~65C), 95% RH
    • Response time:Accuracy : 0.5C when Tobj=15~35C; Tamb=25C, 2% or 2C whichever is greater
    • Display type: LCD
    • Battery-low warning: 1/4 battery life remained
    • Emissivity: Adjustable; Default at 0.95
    • Scale selection: Fahrenheit / Celsius available
    • Sensor type: Thermopile
    • Power source: CR2032 *1 unit
    • Auto power off: After 15 sec (+/-20%) of idleness
    • D:S Ratio: 1 : 1
    • Dimension: 2.67 x 1.45 x 0.71inch(67.8 x 36.7 x 18 mm)
    • Weight (without battery): 0.88 oz (25g)
  • DIT-501A wide applications:
    • This is a product positioned for general-use to get the temperature for many applications easily.
    • For very short period of time after the product launched, we have got many positive feedbacks
    • from the market. This is the reason why I would like to recommend this product to you.
  • Summary:
    • DIT-501A product is positioned to bring you the following values:
    • - To expand your existing product portfolio in non-contact infrared thermometer;
    • - To address the low-cost market for big sales volume in general use segment;
    • - To commit a complete product line through continuous product development.