Bead Probe, Air Probe Thermocouple(TPK-01G, TPK-01H-24 Thermocouples) Product ID: TPK-01G, TPK-01H-24 Thermocouples

Glass fiber Thermocouple for high temeprature measurement

Category: Thermocouples
  • Bead Probe: TPK-01G
    • Bead Probe TPK-01G
    • -50°C ~ 450°C/-58°F ~392°F, for measuring of air temperatures. 4ft. ( 122cm) wire with an industry standard K type miniature connector plug.
  • Thermocouple for High Temperature ( TPK-01H-24)
    • Thermocouple For High Temperature measurement up to 700 ° C, 24 Gauge, 1 meter long.
    • Using OMEGA Industry Standard miniature K type thermocuple connector plug