Infrared thermometer dit516(Tecpel DIT-516) Product ID: Tecpel DIT-516


For professionals who need to diagnose heating and ventilation problems, the Tecpel® Infrared Thermometer offers simple, quick, and accurate surface temperature measurement at the trigger of a button . This thermometer is safer than traditional contact thermocouple thermometer,


Designed with single point laser sighting, this rugged, compact and non-contact tecpel infrared thermometer  takes accurate readings in less than a second. It also offers LCD backlight for visibility in the dark, a broad temperature range, and a dual display for both current and maximum measurements to perform preventative checking of electrical motors and equipment, trouble-shooting dangerous oven steam traps, quickly check fuses or circuit breakers for overheating problem without physical contacts. It’s your best choice in price and quality.


Temperature Range: -32~650oC         

Display Accuracy :1.8oC or 1.8%          

Repeatability : 0.5oC or-0.5%         

Display Resolution :  0.1         

Distance to Spot Size : 20 : 1          

Laser Power :  wavelength 630-670 nm         

Scale selection : oC / oF Celsius /Fahrenheit available.

Temperature Data Hold Feature after releasing triggering button.

Power requiremnt :  USB (Auto Double Display Backlight) or 9V Battery (6F22)         

Laser spot marker  on-off switch available

Electricity Cut Off Memory

MAX, MIN temperatures,  DIF, AVG temperatures

Double Display Backlight : Electro Luminescent (EL) Backlight

Sleep Mode   to save battery power.

Tripod mount: Equipped with a tripot mount hole for stand that can monitor temperature
continuously for hours.

Low Battery Display warning.

One hand operation.

Basic FunctionsRangeBest Accuracy
Temperature Range -32~650oC         
Display Accuracy 1.8oC or 1.8%         
Repeatability 0.5oC or-0.5%         
Display Resolution 0.1         
Distance to Spot Size 20 : 1         
Laser Power wavelength 630-670 nm         
oC / oF Selection  Y         
Temperature Data Hold  Y          
Power USB (Auto Double Display Backlight) or 9V Battery (6F22)         
Laser Switch  Y          
Search  Y          
Electricity Cut Off Memory  Y          
MAX, MIN temperatures  Y          
DIF, AVG temperatures  Y         
Double Display Backlight EL (Electro Luminescent)         
Sleep Mode  Y         
Tripod mount  Y         
Low Battery Display  Y         
LCD Size 32 x 29 mm
Product Color Red and Grey
Product Net Weight 270g
Product Size 169 x 138 x 53 mm
Standard Accessories Battery, English Manual, USB Cable
Standard Individual Packing Gift Box