Digital Multifunction and Insulation Continuity-Voltage Tester(DIM-572) Product ID: DIM-572

Digital Multifunction and Insulation Continuity-Voltage tester

DIM-572 Features:

Originally designed unique products have features ranging from insulation resistance testing.
Voltage (AC - DC) measurement with automatic hold fcitlity, continuity test with a short circuit current of minimum 200 mA.
For Insulation Testing, the user can select the test voltage of 250V, 500V AND 1000VDC. It is utilized to accept a selection and to disable the Energy Save feature.
The Ohm Key is a multi-purpose key, you press it to select the Continuity Test, then you use it to Auto-null the test leads and fuse.
There is an automatic voltmeter which is accessed after start up.
The Voltmeter is the default mode of this instrument

Model: DIM-572

 Digital Multifunction and Insulation Continuity-Voltage Testes

A new generation of modern digital multifunction testers is born. This tester has a range of new features not even found in expensive advanced test equipments. Not only rugged, but designed to excel in harsh environment, still, remaining low cost and affordable. It can be operated with rechargeable batteries, alkaline or low cost general purpose batteries. This unique product has features ranging from Insulation Resistance Testing, Voltage(ac-dc) measurements with Automatic Hold facility, Continuity Test with a short circuit current of minimum 210mA. Two very unique features are found on this multifunction model DIM-572.

MOV and Gas Arrester Testing

Today, most equipments and electrical installations are protected by MOVS and

Gas Arresters, or a combination of these.

This tester can test the devices to establish if it is still operating correctly or not.

Energy conservation is featured on all these new advanced product. “ Auto-power-off” limits the test duration to about 10 seconds to save energy. “Auto-power-off” can be turned off by simply keeping the ON/TEST key depressed for more than 3 seconds while starting a test. This new tester has no moving parts. All calibration are saved internally in a non volatile memory. Calibration can be done at any calibration facility in the world without the need for dedicated calibration equipment. This makes tester easier to maintain and lower the cost of calibration and maintenance. The calibration interval can be extended without much problem. They comply to all the latest regulations, including UK.This tester feature heavy duty protections in its circuitry. Safety features are built-in. For example, should you connect the leads onto a Voltage, AC or DC, the tester will detect it. Switch itself ON and show the voltage present on its leads. The tester will also buzz to inform the user of a safety hazard. We bring a similar solution in the case where the user tries to start a test and measure on a live circuit. If this happen, the tester will disable testing until the circuit has been isolated. This tester can function with rechargeable or Ni-Cad or normal batteries.The circuitry can acept a wide range of power and still perform properly

Category: Electric Testers
  • DIM-572 Specifications:
    • Insulation
    • Test Voltage 250V/ 500V/ 1000V
    • Output Voltage @1mA Rated test Voltage +10% Max
    • Measuring Range 2K-2G/ 4K-4G/8K-8G Ohm
    • Accuracy > 1M ohm +/-3% reading
    • 30K Ohm ~ 1M ohm +/-5% reading
    • < 30 K ohm +/-2.0% reading
    • When Voltage is constant, current is limited at +/-1.2 mA
    • Short Circuit current +/- 4mA Max
    • Continuity Test
    • Measuring ranges 0.01 ~ 1999 Ohm
    • Accuracy 0.02 ~ 100 Ohm : +/- 1.0% reading
    • 100~300 Ohm : +/- 1.5% reading
    • 300 ~ 1999 Ohm : +/- 2.0% reading
    • Short Circuit Current >220mA
    • Open Circuit Voltage 5V DC
    • Resolution +/- 2 count
    • Voltmeter
    • AC Voltage (Auto) 0 ~ 700 V
    • DC Voltage (Auto) 0 ~ 950 V
    • Accuracy +/- 1.5% of Full Scale
    • Resolution +/- 1V
    • MOV Test
    • Test Voltage 5 ~ 1020V dc
    • Voltage Result Accuracy +/- 3%
    • Voltage Result Resolution +/- 2 counts
    • GAS Arrester Test
    • Test Voltage 5 ~ 1020V dc
    • Voltage Result Accuracy +/- 3%
    • Voltage Result Resolution +/- 2 counts
    • Protections
    • Overload 700V ( Between all terminals)
    • Over Voltage Class III- 700V toward ground
    • Fuses 1 x 500 mA, 5 x 20mm, HBC, 600 Fas blow
    • General
    • Display 2 lines x 16characters LCD
    • Auto-Null threshold 5 Ohm
    • Buzzer threshold 3 Ohm
    • Fast Test 10 sec.
    • Long test 60 sec.
    • With PI and DAR test function 10 Min
    • Load Battery Test current about 300mA
    • Power Source 1.5 x 8 ( Alkaline)
    • Dimensions 175(L) x 85 (W) x 75 (H) mm
    • Weight 655 g Approx. (battery included)
    • Operating temperature 1 deg C to 55 deg C no in full sun
    • Storage Tempeatre -20 deg C to + 70 deg C
    • Accessories Test leads( TL-AL11-A), Shoulder belt, instruciton manual, Batteries