Soil pH and Moisture Tester(pH-707) Product ID: pH-707

pH-707 Soil pH and Moisture Tester
A fast, economical, and easy-to-use way to gauge the moisture and pH levels of your soil.
Time saving, low cost/
Handy and always ready for use.
precision meter used, extremely durable
No power source needed, no chemicals
Economical to handle, no maintenance problems.

Category: pH meters
  • Technical Specifications
    • Tests soil in 3 ~ 10 minutes, no battery or chemicals,
    • Length: 16.3 cm( 6.4 "")
    • Weight: 100 grams( 3.2 oz).
    • pH range from 3.5 to 8.
    • Moisture: 1 to 8 Used for testing soil not liquids.
  • pH-707 Description
    • Soil Acidity tester, pocket size soil tester needs no batteries or chemicals, simply insert in soil for instant reading. Push button switch for measuring moisture.
  • List of Optimum pH Index for some farm products:
    • pH 5~6 : Rosebay, Lily of the valley, azalea, rose.
    • pH 5~6.5 : Rice-plant, potato, foxtail millet, corn, peppermint, radish.
    • pH 6~8 : Spinach, kidney bean, lettuce, onion, cucumber, carrot, tomatto, turnip, egg plant, celery, burdock, cabbage, chrysanthmum, dahlia, narcissus, tulip, carnation.
    • pH 7~8 : barley, wheat, rye, suggar beat, pea, clover, alfalfa, garden zinnia.
  • Q & A 1.
    • What's the working therory? Can we use water to test it?
    • The working theory is to detect the micro electricity current between the metals to measure the pH and moisture value.
    • There is not any circuit inside.
    • Do not test liquid. Otherwise it will damange the meter.
  • Q & A 2:
    • With the moisture reading of 1-8 how would this relate to moisture content ?
    • For instance, 1=10%.... 8=80%