Infrared thermometer for Food Cooking D-175(Tecpel D-175) Product ID: Tecpel D-175

Infrared thermometer Food
Tecpel  D-175 Feature

  • Zone Display: Clearly indicate the Food is under a dangerous(4~60°C/40~140°F) or safe zone

  • 2in1 design: Infrared + Foldable Thermocouple Probe  

  • IP65 Protection

  • Bright White LED as pointer

  • Ultra Thin Design, fit into shirt pocket

  • NIST traceable  :Certificate of Calibration Available (COC Optional)

  • IR-SoC technology (Infrared System on Chip) and Batch Calibration technology drive the dimensions and cost to the lowest limits

  • Max; Min and Lock modes

  • Retractable probe

  • Dual Display

  • Auto Power off 



Specification  Tecpel D-175  Infrared thermometer with thermocouple 

Model No



IRT + Probe

IP Classification

IP 65

Measurement range

-55~250°C( -67~482°F)

Infrared Accuracy (Tamb=23+/ -3°C)

(Temp obj=-33~0°C):+/-(1°C +0.1/degree)
(Tobj=0~ 65°C): +/-1°C 
(Temp obj=65~250°C):+/-1.5% of reading

Thermocouple Accuracy

below -5 :+/-1°C,-5~ 65 : +/-0.5°C,above 65 :+/-1% of reading

Distance: Spot



Max, Min, Lock, Food Code Zone Display