Immersion Thermocouple(TPK-03SM) Product ID: TPK-03SM

Immersion Thermocouple

Model: TPK-03SM

50 °C ~ 800°C, -58 ° F ~1,472 °F, for measuring temperature of liquids, semi-solid such as oils, rubbers, plastics, powder, clays, meats, furits, forzen foostuffs.

With an industry standard miniature K type connector plug molded with cable.

Material: Stainless 3.20mm/Diameter 100mm long Sheath pipe with round head at front.
measuable temperature: up to 800 °C (10 Sec)

Accessories: Plastic bag.

Category: Thermocouples
  • Special Feature
    • Cable molded with K type Connector plug for better connection and reliability.
  • Q & A:
    • As for the needle, is it stainless steel #304 or #316?
    • It is stainless steel # 316 which is more durable than #304.