Industrial Thermometer single/ Dual inputs type K themocouples(DTM-305B, DTM-307B) Product ID: DTM-305B, DTM-307B

This Digital industrial thermometer is especially designed and manufactured for industries. Customers may need a measuring device which can provide accurate measurement. In this case, our product is definitely your best choice to fulfill all your needs and expectations! Furthermore, if you want a durable temperature meter which can measure a wide range of temperature, the Digital Industrial Thermometer is a good choice as well. It's not only accurate, but also protable and convenience for precise measurement.

Having been devoted to this industry for over 20 years, TECPEL is a rapidly growing company and condidered as one of leading Taiwanese manufactures of high quality test and measurement devices. For more information in details about our industrial thermometer, please feel free to send your inquiry to us anytime. We will contact you once we receieve your inquiry. Presending you our best device is our pleasure.

Category: Thermometers
  • DTM-305B:
    • -50°C ~ 1,300°C (-58°F ~ 2,000°F).
    • Probe Connection Detector.
    • 3 1/2 Digit LCD display.
    • K-type thermocouple.
    • Reading Hold °C of °F annunicators.
    • Single thermocouple input.
    • Switchable resolution 0.1°/1.0°
    • Front panel offset adjustment.
    • Automatic low battery indication.
    • Maximum record.
    • Overrange indication.
  • DTM-307B Industrial Thermometer:
    • -50°C ~ 1,300°C (-58°F ~ 2,000°F).
    • Dual input + 0.1 ° C resolution.
    • Probe Connection Detector
    • 3 1/2 Digit LCD display.
    • K-type thermocouple.
    • Function & unit sign display °C of °F annunciators.
    • Dual thermocouple input.
    • Differential temperature of the product (T1-T2).
    • Front panel offset adjustment.
    • Maximum record.
    • Reading hold.
    • Automatic low battery indication
    • Overrange indication.
    • With 0.1°C resolution.
  • Specifications:
    • 1. Accuracy:
      • +/-( 0.3% reading + 1 ° C) - 50 deg C to 1000 ° C.
      • +/-(0.5% reading + 1 ° C) 1000 ° C to 1300 ° C.
      • +/- (0.3% reading + 2 ° F) -58 ° F to 2000 F.
    • 2. Resolution:
      • 1 ° C or 1 ° F; 0.1 ° F or 0.1 ° F(below 200 ° C or ° F)

Q & A:

We are currently using your 305B thermometer, and I see 'OL.'mark appears when I turn it on. This mark never disappears and I cannot use this device. What does this sign mean? and what should I do in order to eliminate this?


This could be happened

1. The sensor got damaged.

You’d better try to change another new sensor to check if it works well.

2. If you measure temperature over 200 deg C,

the meter will show “OL” to let you know you should change

the resolution   from “ O.1 “ to “ 1 “.

3.  Before the battery is consumed up, the meter will shall "OL"" too.

4. Finally, the worst possibility is that the meter get damaged and should be returned back to our distributor for after sales service.