High temperature type K thermocouple(TPK-01G, TPK-01H-24)

Glass fiber Thermocouple for high temeprature measurement

air, liquid type k thermocouple for high temperature measurement

Type K Thermocouple Probes TPK-03 Immersion probe + PTFE ( i.e.TEFLON® ) immersion probe(TPK-03-TEFLON)


Type K Thermocouple Probes

TPK-03 Immersion probe + PTFE ( i.e.TEFLON® ) immersion probe




TPK-03 Immersion Probe

Type K Thermocouple Probes

☆ -50℃ ~ 200℃ General purpose needle

type with stainless round head.

☆ For measuring liquid or gel


General purpose needle type with stainless point head.

measuring internal temperatures of liquids, semi-solids such as oils, rubbers, plastics, power, clays, meats, fruits, frozen foodstuffs.

Q & A:

As for the needle, is it stainless steel #304 or #316?

It is stainless # 316 which is more duarable than # 304.



Model: TPK-03 K type Thermocouple probe + Teflon Tube


Pipe :


Material Sheath, K/316, 3.2 ψ, Length 200mm


Temperature durability : -50 ℃ ~ 200 ℃


Handle material: Engineer Plastic, 16ψ, Length 130mmCoiled wire cable: PE material wire 4ψ, Length 600mm,


Temperature durability: 105℃


Temperature range for usage: -100 ℃ ~ 200 ℃


Accuracy : Class 0.75


Order Information: TPK-03 + TEFLON Tube

Model: TPK-03 Immersion probe + PTFE ( i.e.TEFLON® )

Bead Probe, Air Probe(TPK-01, TPK-05)

Bead Probe, Air Probe Thermocouple with stainless wire of 1.6mm Dia. of 1 meter length

Stainless  tiny probe Thermocouple for high temeprature measurement

Type- K  Stainless shields thermocuple.

Temperature range  
-50℃~800℃(   -58°F ~1,472°F)

( Can not stand high temperature for long time measurement)

1.6 mm stainless tiny probe  can be dented and insert it into narrow area. Its length is 1 Meter.  

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Using Industry Standard minature K type thermocuple connector plug.

Stainless probe Grade 316 For coffe beverage, foods cooking

316 stainless steel is commonly used in many industrial applications involving processing chemicals, as well as high-saline environments such as coastal regions and outdoor areas where de-icing salts are common. Due to its non-reactive qualities, 316 stainless steel is also used in the manufacture of medical surgical instruments.
From article of https://www.reliance-foundry.com/blog/304-vs-316-stainless-steel#gref

PT100 Temperature Sensor(PT100-01)

Model: PT100-01

PT 100 Ohm
3 wires
Temperature range : -50 ~ 700 deg C.
Accuracy : Class A
+/- (0.15 + 0.002 x Temperature) deg C.
Diameter 3.2 mm
Length 200 mm
Product Tube 3.16 mm

immersion Stainless Steel Thermocouple probe Type K(Tecpel TPK-03N)


Tecpel TPK-03N Stainless Steel Food Service Thermocouple probe, Type K,

-50 ~ 260°C,  30mm Needle probe tip length, 1mm diameter, 30mm L Stainless Steel



Thermocouple Connector Male Plug & Female Plug(TPK-01M TPK-01F)

TPK-01F K type thermocouple connector

For thermocouple K type wire connector
1. TPK-01M Male To adopt thermocuple K type wire
2. 19 mm x 17 mm x 8 mm (Length x Width x Thickness)
3. 32mm (Lenght including + /- plate)

TPK-01F Female To adopt TPK-01K
1. 26 mm x 17 mm x 8 mm ( Length x Width x Thickness)

Above 2 parts are suitable for any wires of K type thermocouple connection

K Type Temperature Thermocouples(TPK-04L / TPK-04LS)

Type K Thermocouple(TPK-04, TPK-04S)

TEPCEL Temperature
Thermocouple Porbes

Surface Probe TPK-04
Surface Probe TPK-04S

Angle 90 degree surface probe TPK-04L