LCR-615-100KHZ-handheld-RLC meter


LCR-614-10KHZ-handheld-RLC meter

■ With its advanced impedance test technology, TECPEL has launched New handheld LCR meters. This series currently possess the most powerful functions and outstanding performance in this industry comparable with bench LCR meters. Meanwhile it is the achievement of TECPEL after years of efforts and research in the passive-component testing field. This LCR-614 apply the ultra-low power consumption design and high density SMD assembly techniques and can simultaneously display primary and secondary parameters on a LCD display with backlight. The dual-color shell is gorgeously once shaped; and functions are easy to operate. The test frequency is up to 10 kHz, the readings of primary parameter 40,000 counts and the resolution of dissipation factor 0.0,001. Accurate and convenient measurements of passive-components can be achieved in different occasions for a long time. In order to meet different market demand, multiple signal level are increased on LCR-614. The test accuracy can reach 0.25%. With USB interface, This LCR-614 can conveniently communicate with a PC and be remotely controlled by a PC. In order to satisfy the increasing test requirements for SMD and balance the different needs for performance and price, two types of 4-terminal Kelvin test tweezers are equipped with accessories for users' choice.

Digital SMD Capacitor, Resister tweezers(CR-621)

CR Tweezers Model: CR-621
Digital SMD capacitors, resistors
SMD capacitors, resistors measuring element

 3000 Carry LCD with maximum reading of 3000
 automatic detection (Auto Check)
 automatic transmission, automatic shutdown function
 fast measurement, sampling rate (4 times / sec.)
 reading lock function
 low battery warning
 Size: 205H × 40W × 24.5D / mm
 Automatic Detection range: Capacitance 500pF ~ 300uF

Resistance 300Ω ~ 3MΩ
Diodes measure
General Specifications
Capacitance F
Range: 3nF/30nF/300nF/3uF/30uF/300uF
Accuracy: ± (5.0% +10 dgts)
Range : 3mF/30mF
Accuracy: ± (5.0% +20 dgts)
Resolution: 1pF
Resistance Ω
300Ω ± (1.0% +5 dgts)
3KΩ/30KΩ/300KΩ ± (1.0% +4 dgts)
3MΩ ± (2.0% +4 dgts)
30MΩ ± (5.0% +5 dgts)
Resolution: 0.1Ω
Contunuity buzzer 300Ω
<30Ω sound
Resolution: 0.1Ω
Diodes measurement: open circuit voltage: 3VDC
Measuring current: about 1mA
Resolution: 1mV
Accuracy: ± (3.0% +3 dgts)

LCR TweezersSMD inductors, capacitors, resistors measuring element(LCR-611)

6000 Count dual LCD display
LCR Tweezers
Model: LCR-611
SMD inductors, capacitors, resistors measuring element

lcr meter test frequency 10MHz(LCR-8000G)

The LCR-8000G Series LCR meter, with test frequency up to 10MHz, provides accuracy, versatility and high resolution for a wide range of component measurements, even including DC resistance measurement and Voltage/Current monitoring. The Multi-Step function allows on-screen programming of customized measurement sequence with Pass/Fail indication. Each program includes 30 test steps and each test step can be set with selected parameters and test limits. Under Multi-Step operation, a tedious work routine can be done step by step automatically just at a press of a button. With Graph Mode, LCR-8110G, LCR-8105G and LCR-8101G display the component impedance response either over a wide range of test frequency sweep or over a wide range of test voltage sweep in a graph chart. This gives an analysis result of either impedance vs. frequency or impedance vs. applied voltage all at a glance. GPIB and RS-232C interfaces are available as standard for instrument control and test result display on the PC. The rich features of LCR-8000G Series easily make your measurement tasks done at a very competitive price.

※ Optional DC Bias box
※ Wide Test Frequency 20Hz ~ 10/5/1MHz
※ 0.1% Basic Accuracy & 6 Digits Measurement Resolution
※ Large LCD Display with Intuitive Interface
※ Full Measuring Functions with DUT V/I Monitor
※ PASS/FAIL Function ( abs, % or delta) with Judgment Alarm
※ DC Resistance Measurement
※ Multiple Step Mode
※ Standard RS-232C/GPIB Interface

Measuring Instrument - LCR Precision Instruments(LCR-200)

Measuring instrument is an essential tool of ensuring accuracy of measurement, for transactions by consumers and industry in every day life, such as water meters, taximeters, electricity meters, weighing machines, etc.
Tecpel provides you high quality LCR measuring instruments which are pieces of electronic test equipment used to measure, among other things, the impedance of a component.
Our measuring instrument can be used in various fields because of that our products have wide meter ranges. Besides, our Dual Liquid Crystal Display with LED back lit is a help to use LCR measuring instrument easily. P>
A good LCR measuring instrument has automatic component recognition. In addition, having basic measurement accuracy of 0.1 %is also important.
With advanced technology of measuring instruments , our products will be more preciser and easily-used. The measuring instruments of Tecpel can fit your need.

Key Features:
Measurement Parameters : Z , Ls , Lp , Cs , Cp , DCR , ESR , D , Q , and (Theta)
Test conditions : 100MHz , 120Hz , 1KHz , 10KHz , 100KHz , 200KHz ; 1Vrms , 250mVrms , 50mVrms , 1Vdc(DCR only)
DMM Functionalities
Dual LCD Display with LED backlit
Open / Short calibration
Remote binning capability
Auto range / range hold selection

Precision LCR Tester(LCR 819)

High Precision LCR Instruments
1. 12Hz to 100kHz, 503 Continuously Variable Frequencies
2. 0.05% High Measurement Accuracy (LCR-817/819/827/829)
3. 0.1% High Measurement Accuracy (LCR-816/826/827/829)
4. 100 Sets Memory for Save/Recall of Setup State
5. R/Q, C/D, C/R, L/Q Test Modes
6. Absolute Value, DValue, and D% Measurement Display
7. 240 x 128 dot Matrix LCD Display
8. Handler Interface (LCR-826/827/829)
9. Test Condition and Test Result shown on the screen Simultaneously

20000 Counts Handheld LCR Meter Dual Display Auto-Ranging(LCR-612)

20000 Counts handheld LCR Meter
Dual Display Auto-Ranging

Outstanding Features:
1.Basic accuracy:
0.5% for Resistance
0.7% for Inductance, Capacitance

2.Dual Displays provide quick tested results readouts, with L.C.R. Display values up to 19999 counts and Q.D.R. display values up to 9999 counts

3.Excellent resolutions:
Resistance up to 0.001Ω
Inductance Capacitance up to 0.1uH/0.1pF

4.Provided up to 4 testing parameters:
Ls+(Q,D,Rs), Lp+(Q,D,Rp)
Cs+(Q,D,Rs), Cp+(Q,D,Rp)

5. Auto-Power Off function:
To conserve battery life for longer use.

6.Fuse detection function:
To inform that the fuse is open or damaged.

7.External DC Adapter functions:
Use of a DC adapter can also serve to disable Auto Power Off function.

handheld LCR meter 100KHz(Tecpel LCR-613)

The Tecpel LCR-613 is a high-performance, cost-effective and fully-functional dual display handheld LCR meter.

The meter measures inductance, capacitance, and resistance quickly and precisely across different ranges.

To accommodate various test requirements, the LCR-613 handheld LCR Meter offers selectable test frequencies: 100Hz/120Hz/1KHz/10KHz/100KHz, providing greater flexibility to test a wider range of components. It also has a quick-touch data hold function that stabilizes fluctuating readings on the screen for a few seconds, so you can write down measurements when appropriate.

For additional convenience, LCR meter can be used with circuits in both series and parallel. This makes it compatible with a wide range of electric systems .