SDS1202X-E Digital Oscilloscope Bandwidth: 200 MHz , Channels: 2 , Real time sampling rate: 1 GSa/s Product ID: SDS1202X-E

Siglent’s SDS1202X-E Digital Oscilloscope breaks yet another performance-to-price barrier! With features not available in most oscilloscopes at twice this price, it offers a higher bandwidth, processing speed, and FFT resolution than other scopes in this class.

The SDS1202X-E oscilloscope employs a new generation of SPO technology that provides excellent signal fidelity and performance. The system noise is also lower than similar products in the industry. It has a minimum vertical input range of 500 uV/div, an innovative digital trigger system with high sensitivity and low jitter, and a waveform capture rate of up to 400,000 frames / second (sequence mode). It also employs a 256-level intensity grading display and a color-temperature mode not found in other oscilloscopes in this class.

Serial bus trigger / decode comes standard.

With a waveform memory of 14 MB, the FFT function contains an impressive 1 MPts.


Key Features

* 200 MHz Bandwidth
* 1 GSa/s Real-Time Sampling Rate
* 14 MPts Waveform Memory
* 500 uV/div Sensitivity
* Maximum waveform capture rate: 100,000 frames / second (Standard mode), 400,000 frames / sec (Sequence mode)
* Serial bus decode & trigger: standard
* Digital trigger provides low jitter
* Intensity-Graded display / Color-Temperature display mode
* Video triggering / HDTV
* Cursors * Measurement functions
* USB and LAN interfaces
* 7″ (diagonal) display
* Sequence trigger mode
* History function
* Secure erase feature