TIG-320 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Product ID: TIG-320

Infrared Thermal imager
TIG-320 infrared thermal imager adopts the latest technology, which can merge visible light image and infrared thermal image together. This infrared imaging device is advanced and professional, accurate and efficient to provide better quality and high-quality thermal image.

Product Introduction:
Built-in 3GB memory, check on computer or other equipment, widely used in fire fighting, archeology, transportation, agriculture, electronics manufacturing and other fields
Measurement Specification:
Temperature Ranges: -20 ~ 300 °C ( -4 ~ 572 F°)
Image Resolution: 320 x 240
Accuracy: ±(2%) or +2°C
Resoltuion: 0.07
Viewing angle / Focusing Distance: 56° x 42° / 0.15 meter
Wavelength Range: 8 ~ 14μm
Screen Update Rate: 9Hz
Product Features:
Screen: 3.2" full viewing angle TFT display
Display Color Palette: Rainbow / Iron Red / Cool / White Hot / Black Hot
Emissivity (ε): 0.01 ~ 1.00 (Adjustable)
Storage Capacity: 3G
Power Indication
Auto Power Off: 5 minutes / 20 minutes / no automatic shutdown
Product Information:
Working Environment: 0 ~ 45°C / lower than 80%RH Non-Condensing。
Storage Environment: -20 ~ 60°C / lower than 70%RH Non-Condensing。
Transmission Cable: Micro USB 2.0
Power : Rechargeable lithium battery(#18650)
Dimension: 90 × 105 ×223mm
Weight: 389g
Accessory: Waterproof protective cover, instruction manual.

How long does it take to charge? TIG-320 should be charged for two hours at least every three months for a longer battery lifespan.

Can this camera work in total darkness? TECPEL Infrared Camera is used for detecting infrared radiation from objects which won't be affected by the strength of any visible light. It performs in darkness as well as under sunshine.

Why the temperature I get from the camera is far below the real data it should be? Different materials and the same material with different surfaces may be different in IR emissivity. Adjusting the IR emissivity according to the table in our manual is important so that you would be able to get the most accurate temperature results.

Why I can see 2 images not align with each other? When you are in IR-VL mode, the visible light image and infrared rays image are all on the monitor. You may need to calibrate the image while the detecting distance is changed. Please refer to the Image calibration instruction in the manual.

Can this model TIG-320 detect electrical power lines or hot water pipes behind the walls? That really depends on the scenario. Generally, you can't detect the object behind a barrel such as a wall that does not allow infrared rays to go through. But in most scenarios, we can indirectly ‘see’ the hot water pipe behind a wall as it heats up the wall and generates typical thermal distribution on the surface of a wall.

What is the farthest distance it can detect? The best test distance is 20 cm-50 cm which covers most of the professional test scenarios.