DIT-518 Infrared Thermometer, industrial High temperature Thermometer 1000 degrees Product ID: DIT-518

Designed with single point laser sighting, this rugged, compact and non-contact tecpel infrared thermometer takes accurate readings in less than a second. It also offers LCD backlight for visibility in the dark, a broad temperature range, and a dual display for both current and maximum measurements to perform preventative checking of electrical motors and equipment, trouble-shooting dangerous oven steam traps, quickly check fuses or circuit breakers for overheating problem without physical contacts. It’s your best choice in price and quality.

For professionals who need to diagnose heating and ventilation problems, the Tecpel® Infrared Thermometer offers simple, quick, and accurate surface temperature measurement at the trigger of a button . This thermometer is safer than traditional contact thermocouple thermometer, Infrared thermometers measure the temperature of the object is available from by emitting a black body radiation energy (typically infrared). They are sometimes referred to as an infrared laser thermometer, which is commonly used to help laser infrared thermometer (non-contact thermometer) temperature measurements from a distance, aim outline the scope of the subject matter of the measured body location. Through the temperature on the subject matter or object on the emitted infrared energy, achieved considerable quantities, the temperature can be quickly converted out via the infrared thermometer.

 (New version  -32C~ 1100 C.)
High temperature Thermometer 1000 degrees

One hand operation.

Temperature Range: -50 ~1550 oC 
Data logging Capacity : 100 points    

Display Accuracy :1.8oC or 1.8%          

Repeatability : 0.5oC or-0.5%         

Display Resolution :  0.1         

Distance to Spot Size : 50 : 1          

Laser Power :  wave length 630-670 nm         

Scale selection : oC / oF Celsius /Fahrenheit available.

Temperature Data Hold Feature after releasing triggering button.

Power requiremnt :  USB (Auto Double Display Backlight) or 9V Battery (6F22)         

Laser spot marker  on-off switch available

Electricity Cut Off Memory

MAX, MIN temperatures,  DIF, AVG temperatures

Double Display Backlight : Electro Luminescent (EL) Backlight

Sleep Mode   to save battery power.

Tripod mount: Equipped with a tripot mount hole for stand that can monitor temperature
continuously for hours.

Low Battery Display warning.

Infrared Thermometer Tecpel DIT-518

Technical Specifications DIT-518
Temperature Range -50 ˚C~ 1550 0 C
Display Accuracy ±1.8˚C or ±1.8%
Repeatability ±0.5˚C or ±0.5%
Display Resolution 0.1(When
Distance to Spot Size 50:1
Response Time 250mS(95% of reading)
Spectral Response 8 µm to 14 µm
Laser Power Class 2(II) operation;Output
Display Hold 8 seconds
˚C/˚F Selection
Emissivity Digitally adjustable from 0.10 to 1.00 by 0.01
Temperature Data Hold  Y
High Alarm Y
Low Alarm Y
Data Logging 100
T-C Thermocouple Measurement Y
USB Data Transfer Y
Laser Switch Y
Search Y
Electricity Cut Off Memory Y
MAX / MIN temperatures Y
DIF / AVG temperatures Y
White Double Display Backlight Auto on when using USB power up. Press it on when using
battery power up
Sleep Mode Y
Tripod Mount Y
Low Battery Display Y


Power USB, Power Adaptor or 9V Battery (6F22)
LCD Size 33×38mm
Product Color Red and Grey
Product Net Weight 320g
Product Size 200×130×53mm
Standard Accessories Battery, English Manual, USB Cable, Software, Power Adaptor,Tool Box
Standard Individual Packing Gift Box